Italia Nostra

Italia Nostra (Our Italy) is an Italian not for profit campaigning organisation, dedicated to the protection and promotion of the country’s historical, artistic and environmental patrimony.

The organisation was founded in 1955[1] by a small group of people drawn from the Roman intelligentsia with the specific aim of opposing the projected demolition of part of the city’s historic centre. The promotion of an approach to urban planning which preserves sites of historic architecture have remained a focus of the movement; however its interests have expanded over time to include the preservation of all aspects of Italy’s cultural and environmental heritage, and more than 200 branches have been established across the country. Successes have included the campaign that led to the establishment of the Appian Way Regional Park in 1988.[2]

Founding members included Desideria Pasolini dall'Onda, Antonio Cederna and Umberto Zanotti Bianco, the archaeologist and Italian senator for life, who became its first president. Later presidents of the organisation have included the writer Giorgio Bassani, Desideria Pasolini dall'Onda, the politician Carlo Ripa di Meana, and Giovanni Losavio who is the current incumbent.


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