Israel at the 1972 Summer Olympics

Israel competed at the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, West Germany, which began on August 26. On September 5 and 6, in the Munich massacre, 11 members of the Israeli delegation—5 athletes, 2 referees, and 4 coaches (names bolded on this page)—were taken hostage by Palestine Liberation Organization terrorists and murdered. The remainder of the team left Munich on September 7.

Israel at the
1972 Summer Olympics
NOCOlympic Committee of Israel (in Hebrew and English)
in Munich
Competitors15 in 7 sports
Flag bearer Henry Herscovici[1]
Summer Olympics appearances (overview)

Shaul Ladany, a Holocaust survivor, competed in the 50-kilometer walk.[2][3] He had been imprisoned in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp as a child, and wore a Star of David on his warm-up jersey.[4][5] When he was congratulated by locals on his fluent German, he responded: "I learned it in Bergen-Belsen".[5][6] He survived the Munich massacre by jumping off a balcony.[2]


Name Sport Event Placing Performance
Shaul Ladani Athletics Men's 50 km walk 19 4:24:38.6[7]
(also entered for 20 km walk, but did not start)[7]
Esther Shahamorov Athletics Women's 100 m Semifinal (5th) 11.49[8]
Women's 100 m hurdles Semifinal[8] Did not start (left Munich before the semifinal)
Dan Alon Fencing Men's foil Second round W5–L5 (1R 3-2, 2R 2-3)[9]
Yehuda Weissenstein Fencing Men's foil Second round W2–L8 (1R 2-3, 2R 0-5)[9]
Yair Michaeli Sailing Flying Dutchman 23 28-22-22-19-25-19-DNS = 171 pts
(left Kiel before 7th race)[10]
Itzhak Nir
Henry Hershkowitz Shooting 50 metre rifle prone 23 593/600[11]
50 metre rifle three positions 46 1114/1200[12]
Zelig Shtroch Shooting 50 metre rifle prone 57 589/600[11]
Shlomit Nir Swimming Women's 100 m breaststroke Heats (8th) 1:20.90[13]
Women's 200 m breaststroke Heats (6th) 2:53.60[13]
David Berger Weightlifting Light-heavyweight <82.5 kg J:132.5 C:122.5 S:— T:—[14]
Ze'ev Friedman Weightlifting Bantamweight <56 kg 12 J:102.5 C:102.5 S:125 T:330 [15]
Yossef Romano Weightlifting Middleweight <75 kg Retired injured on third attempt to press 137.5 kg[14]
Gad Tsobari Wrestling Freestyle — Light Flyweight <48 kg Group stage 0W–2L[16]
Eliezer Halfin Wrestling Freestyle — Lightweight <68 kg Group stage 1W–2L[17]
Mark Slavin Wrestling Greco-Roman — Middleweight <82 kg Did not start (taken hostage before his scheduled event)


The following nominated referees and judges were in the delegation:[18]

Coaches and officials

The following coaches and officials were in the delegation:[19]


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