Israel Mazin

Israel Mazin (Hebrew: ישראל מזין) is an Israeli technology entrepreneur. He is currently the chairman and CEO of MEMCYCO, a cybersecurity company.

Israel Mazin
ישראל מזין
Israel mazin.jpg
Tel Aviv, Israel
OccupationTechnology entrepreneur and investor
Years active1985–present
Known forEntrepreneurship, founding of businesses, property management


Mazin was born in Tel Aviv, Israel. During his military service in his early life, he was a member of Mamram, the Israel Defense Forces' central computing system unit, providing data processing services for all arms and the general staff of the IDF. In 1990, Mazin founded Memco Software, a now-defunct open-operating system security software company. In 1998, Memco was acquired by Platinum Technology in a stock-for-stock pooling of interests, valued at just over $400 million.[1] In 1999, Platinum was acquired by CA for $3.5 billion.[2][3][4] After the acquisition, he moved on to establish GAMA Property. Later on, he co-founded Shadow Technologies with Eli Mashiah, the company hosting and managing Ever since, Mazin has been investing in High-Tech startups, and in 2021 he co-founded MEMCYCO (Memco-Cyber-Corporation), a Digital-Watermark Authentication technology for B2B and B2C online communication. In 2018 Mazin has received honorary degree[5] from Holon Institute of Technology - HIT.


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