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Ismail Ibn Ibrahim (Arabic: اسماعيل بن ابراهيم‎) (756 – 810) was most notable for being the father of Imam Bukhari. When Imam Bukhari was only an infant (not being 1 year old). He died in 810.

Ismail ibn Ibrahim
BornDecember 9, 756 CE
DiedDecember 26, 810 CE (aged 54)
ChildrenImam Bukhari



Ismail's ancestry can be traced to a farmer named Bardizbah who lived in the vicinity of Bukhara. Bardizbah's had a son named al-Mugheerah who accepted Islam.

Mugheerah eventually had a son named Ibraaheem, the father of Ismail Ibn Ibrahim.


Ismail Ibn Ibrahim became a known scholar of Hadith, praised by Sunni Muslims as a man of great piety and sound reputation. Scrupulous in his habits, he is said to have mentioned on his deathbed that in all he possessed there was not a penny which had not been earned by his own honest labour.

Ismael also married and had two sons, Ahmad and Muhammad. Muhammad would later be known as Imam Bukhari, the most prominent Sunni hadith collector.


When Imam Bukhari was only an infant, Ismail died at the age of 54. He left a considerable fortune to his widow and two sons.