Isma'il ibn Salih ibn Ali al-Hashimi

Isma'il ibn Salih ibn Ali al-Hashimi (Arabic: إسماعيل بن صالح بن علي الهاشمي‎) was an eighth century Abbasid governor of Egypt and Aleppo.

Isma'il ibn Salih ibn Ali al-Hashimi
إسماعيل بن صالح بن علي الهاشمي
Governor of Egypt
In office
797 – 798
(one year)
MonarchHarun al-Rashīd
Preceded byUbaydallah ibn al-Mahdi
Succeeded byIsma'il ibn Isa ibn Musa al-Hashimi
Governor of Aleppo and Qinnasrin
In office
798 – c. 802
MonarchHarun al-Rashīd
Personal details
RelationsAbbasid dynasty
FatherSalih ibn Ali
RelativesAl-Fadl ibn Salih (brother)
Ibrahim ibn Salih (brother)
Abd al-Malik ibn Salih (brother)

A member of the Abbasid family, he was a son of Salih ibn Ali[1] and a first cousin of the first two Abbasid caliphs al-Saffah (r. 750–754) and al-Mansur (r. 754–775). During the reign of Harun al-Rashid (r. 786–809) he was appointed as governor of Egypt in 797. After an administration lasting slightly less than a year, he was dismissed from that province[2] and instead posted to Aleppo and Qinnasrin, which he proceeded to hold for an unspecified length of time.[3]


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Governor of Egypt
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