Isla del Congreso

The Isla del Congreso (in English: Congress Island) is an island located in the Chafarinas Islands, an archipelago located 4 kilometers from the African shore. The island belongs to Spain, and has an area of 0.256 km2.[1]

Isla del Congreso
Vista de la isla del Congreso desde el cabo de Agua.jpg
ArchipelagoChafarinas Islands
Adjacent bodies of waterMediterranean Sea
Area0.256 km2 (0.099 sq mi)
Coastline3 km (1.9 mi)
Highest elevation137 m (449 ft)


The island is uninhabited. It has some rabbits and a pigeon colony. The west coast is very inaccessible, with very steep cliffs, while the east coast is more accessible. The island is very rocky, with very little grass or plants. There is one navigable cave.


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Coordinates: 35°10′44″N 2°26′29″W / 35.17889°N 2.44139°W / 35.17889; -2.44139