Isla Bartolomé

Isla Bartolomé is an uninhabited subantarctic island. Administratively it belongs to Chile.

Isla Bartolomé
Dramirez map.png
Isla Bartolomé is the largest of the Diego Ramírez Islands
Isla Bartolomé is located in Southern Patagonia
Isla Bartolomé
Isla Bartolomé
Location of the archipelago
Coordinates56°32′S 68°43′W / 56.533°S 68.717°W / -56.533; -68.717
ArchipelagoDiego Ramírez Islands
Area0.93 km2 (0.36 sq mi)
Highest elevation190 m (620 ft)

Geography and ecologyEdit

With an area of 93 ha and a maximum height of 190 m (623 ft) it is the largest of the Diego Ramírez Archipelago, being more than twice the size of the second largest - Isla Gonzalo, lying in the Drake Passage between the continents of South America and Antarctica. It is an important breeding site for black-browed (over 35,000 pairs) and grey-headed (over 9000 pairs) albatrosses, as well as for southern giant petrels.[1][2]

The island is an important breeding site for black-browed albatrosses

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