Isiolo County

Isiolo County is a county in the former Eastern Province of Kenya. Its population is 268,002 (2019 census)[1] and its capital is Isiolo. Isiolo County is to be the first county to be developed as part of the Kenya Vision 2030 program. Its capital and largest town is Isiolo. Other upcoming urban centres are: Garbatulla, Modogashe, Kinna, Merti and Oldonyiro.[2]

Isiolo County
Flag of Isiolo County
Coat of arms of Isiolo County
Coat of arms
Location in Kenya
Location in Kenya
Country Kenya
Formed4th March 2013
 • GovernorMohammed Kuti
 • Total25,336.1 km2 (9,782.3 sq mi)
 • Total268,002
 • Density11/km2 (27/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+3 (EAT)

The local topography is arid or semi-arid low plains. Ewaso Nyiro River flows through the county and partly bounds it. It borders Marsabit County to the north, Wajir County to the east, Garissa and Tana River counties to the south east, Meru County to the south, Laikipia County to the south west and Samburu County to the west.

Three different National Game Reserves are located in Isiolo County: Bisanadi National Reserve, Buffalo Springs National Reserve and Shaba National Reserve.[2]


Isiolo county has a total population of 268,002 persons as 2019 census and of this 139,510 are males,128,483 are females, and 9 intersex persons. There is an average size of 4.6 persons per household and a population density of 11 persons per square Km.[3]

Population by Subcounty
Subcounty No of Persons
Garbatulla 99,730
Isiolo 121,066
Merti 47,206
TOTAL 268,002

Source [1]

1979 43,478—    
1989 70,078+61.2%
1999 100,861+43.9%
2009 143,294+42.1%
2019 268,002+87.0%

Infrastructure and TransportEdit

Isiolo covered by 1,185.49 km of earth, 263.7 km of murram and 35 km of bitumen as at 2014.[5] There are 1,149 installed letter boxes, 851 rented letter boxes and vacant letter boxes.[6]

Isiolo airport is one of the key airport in the county.[7]

Administrative and Political UnitsEdit

As of 2018, the County has two constituencies (Isiolo North Constituency and Isiolo South Constituency), three sub-counties and ten wards.[2]

There are a total of 10 county assembly wards, 71 locations and 144 sub-locations[8]

Constituency Sub-county Area (Sq. Km) Ward
Isiolo North Isiolo 3,269 Wabera
Bulla Pesa
Merti 12,612 Chari
Isiolo South Garbatulla 9,819 Kinna
Total: 2 3 25,700 10

Political LeadershipEdit

Mohamed Kuti is the second governor for Isiolo and took office in 2017 and he deputised by Ibrahim Abdi Issa.[9] Adan Dullo Fatuma is the senator and also the first woman to be elected as a senator in Kenya.[10] Rehema Dida Jaldesa is the seating women representative for isiolo and second to hold the office.[11]


There are 213 ECD centres with enrolment of 5148 pupils, 124 primary schools of which 107 are public and 17 are private schools. 23 secondary schools are spread across the county of which 16 are public and 7 are private schools.[12]

Furthermore there are two youth polytechnics, three tertiary institutions and two vocational training centres in the county.[13]


There are three hospitals of which two is government owned an other one faith based organisation, five health centres, thirty three dispensaries, and three clinics.

Isiolo county has a total of 214 medical personnel of different cadre ranging from doctors to biochemists.[14]


In agriculture the four main crops planted in Isiolo are maize, beans, sorghum and green grams. Livestock also is an economy earner and the four animals kept are cattle (Indigenous), cattle (dairy), camels, sheep, and goats.

A total of 178 ponds were in various places in the county in 2014.[15][16]

and UrbanisationEdit

Stats for Isiolo County
Stats for the County (Percent)
Attending School (15-18 Yrs)
Paved Roads
Good Roads
Electricity Access
Poverty Rate

Stats for the County

Source: USAid Kenya

Notable peopleEdit

  • Hon. Godana Doyo, First governor, Isiolo County
  • Mr. Barnabas Esunyen,First County Chief officer of ICT of Isiolo County government 2013-2017
  • Hon. Rehema Jaldesa, women representative of Isiolo County
  • Hon. Mohammed Kuti, governor, Isiolo County & a 2 term MP, Isiolo North

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