Ishkhanik of Hereti

Ishkhanik (Georgian: იშხანიკი) ruler of Hereti between 943–951. He was the son and successor of Adarnase Patrikios, ruled together with his mother Queen regnant Dinar, sister of Grand Magister Gurgen IV, Prince of Klarjeti (c. 918–941).

King of Hereti
Reign943 – 951
ReligionEastern Orthodox Church

Under Ishkhanik's reign Hereti was forced to recognize the supremacy of the stronger neighbour, Principality of Daylam, ruled by the Sallarid dynasty (Iranian Azerbaijan). According to The Georgian Chronicles Queen Dinar, along with her son Ishkhanik converted Hereti to the Eastern Orthodox confession and abandoned the Oriental Orthodox confession in the 10th century.[1] In 950, he took advantage of the bitter power struggle in the Sallarid state, and ceased to pay tribute effectively restoring his independence. Ishkhanik recovered his authority over several fortresses in Kakheti, the latter was weakened after the devastating Sajid invasion.


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