Isenburg-Birstein was the name of two German historical states centred on Birstein in southeastern Hesse, Germany. The first "Isenburg-Birstein" was a County and was created as a partition of Isenburg-Büdingen-Birstein in 1628. It was merged into Isenburg-Offenbach in 1664. The second "Isenburg-Birstein" was a Principality, created as a partition of Isenburg-Offenbach in 1711. It was renamed the "Principality of Isenburg" in 1806.

Counts of Isenburg-Birstein (1628–1664)Edit

Birstein Arms
Birstein Castle
  • William Otto (1628–1635)
  • Christian Maurice (1635–1664) with...
  • Wolfgang Ernest II (1635–1641) with...
  • John Louis (Count of Isenburg-Offenbach) (1641–1664)

To Isenburg-Offenbach.

Count of Isenburg-Birstein (1711–1744)Edit

  • Wolfgang Ernest I (1711–1754)

Princes of Isenburg-Birstein (1744–1806)Edit

Renamed to Isenburg.