Isabella, Countess of Vertus

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Isabella of France (1348–1372) was a French princess and member of the House of Valois, as well as the wife of Gian Galeazzo Visconti, who after her death became Duke of Milan.

Countess of Vertus
Isabella of Valois (1348–1372).png
Château de Bois de Vincennes, France
SpouseGian Galeazzo Visconti
IssueGian Galeazzo Visconti
Azzone Visconti
Valentina, Duchess of Orléans
Carlo Visconti
FatherJohn II of France
MotherBonne of Bohemia


Born in Bois de Vincennes, Isabella was the youngest daughter of King John II of France[1] by his first wife, Bonne of Bohemia.[2]

Her maternal uncle Count Amadeus VI of Savoy arranged her marriage with Gian Galeazzo Visconti. As her dowry, Isabella received the county of Sommières, exchanged later for the county of Vertus. On 8 October 1360, Isabella and Gian Galeazzo were married in Milan, and six months later, in April 1361, she was declared sovereign Countess of Vertus.[3] The couple had four children:

Only Valentina lived to adulthood;[4] Isabella died giving birth to Carlo in Pavia in 1372.[2][3]

Family tree of Isabella of VertusEdit


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Regnal titles
New title Countess of Vertus
April 1361 – 11 September 1372
with Gian Galeazzo
Succeeded by