Isabella of Burgundy, Queen of Germany

Isabella of Burgundy (1270 – August 1323), Lady of Vieux-Château, was the second and last Queen consort of Rudolf I of Germany.[1]

Agnes (Elisabeth) of Burgundy.jpg
Isabella of Burgundy by Anton Boys
German Queen
DiedAugust 1323
SpouseRudolf I of Germany
Pierre IX de Chambly, Lord of Neaufles
IssueJeanne de Chambly, Dame de Neauphle-le-Chateau
HouseHouse of Burgundy
FatherHugh IV, Duke of Burgundy
MotherBeatrice of Navarre, Duchess of Burgundy

She was the second daughter of Hugh IV, Duke of Burgundy[1] and his second wife Beatrice of Navarre.

Isabella was betrothed in 1272 to Charles of Flandres. He was born in 1266 to the later Robert III, Count of Flanders and his first wife Blanche of Sicily. Her betrothed died in 1277.

On 6 February 1284, Isabella became the second wife of Rudolf I of Germany. The bride was fourteen years old and the groom almost sixty-six. Their marriage remained childless. Rudolph died on 15 July 1291. He was succeeded as Duke of Austria by his co-ruling sons Albert I and Rudolph II.

She returned to the Court of Burgundy and was granted the title of Lady of Vieux-Château on 20 November 1294.

She had a second marriage to Pierre IX de Chambly, Lord of Neaufles who died c. 1319.


Isabella and Pierre had at least one daughter, through whom she has living descendants.


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Preceded by
Gertrude of Hohenberg
German Queen
6 February 1284 – 15 July 1291
Succeeded by
Imagina of Isenburg-Limburg

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