Isabella Grimaldi

Isabella Grimaldi (15?? – 1583), was Lady of Monaco by marriage to Honoré I, Lord of Monaco.[1]

Isabella Grimaldi
Lady consort of Monaco
SpouseHonoré I, Lord of Monaco
IssueCharles II, Lord of Monaco
François of Monaco
Horace of Monaco
Hercules, Lord of Monaco
FatherGiovanni Battista Grimaldi, Lord of Montaudion
MotherMaddalena Pallavicini

Isabella was the daughter of Giovanni Battista Grimaldi, Lord of Montaudion, and Maddalena Pallavicini. She was the niece of Etienne (Stephen) Grimaldi (d. 1561), who was the regent of Honoré I during his minority (1532-1540) and continued to be the de facto ruler of Monaco until his death,[1] and the marriage between Isabella and Honoré I was arranged by Etienne.[1] The marriage took place in 1545. She was widowed in 1581.


  • Charles (26 January 1555 – 17 May 1589)
  • François (1557–1586)
  • Horace (1558–1559)
  • Hercules (24 September 1562 – 21 November 1604)


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Isabella Grimaldi
Born: 15?? Died: 1583
Preceded by Lady Consort of Monaco
Succeeded by