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Isabel of Braganza, Duchess of Guimarães

Dona Isabel of Braganza (1514 – 16 September 1576) was a member of the House of Braganza, daughter of Jaime, Duke of Braganza (a nephew of Manuel I of Portugal) and Leonor Pérez de Guzmán.

Isabel of Braganza
Isabel of Braganza, Duchess of Guimaraes.PNG
Portrait by Francisco de Holanda, c. 1540–76.
Born 1514
Died (1576-09-16)16 September 1576
Vila Viçosa
Spouse Duarte, Duke of Guimarães
House Braganza
Father Jaime, Duke of Braganza
Mother Leonor Pérez de Guzmán



Isabel married her cousin Infante Duarte a son of Manuel I and Maria of Aragon in 1537. Isabel was dowried with the Dukedom of Guimarães, which had belonged to her brother Teodósio I, Duke of Braganza. After the marriage, Infante Duarte became the 4th Duke of Guimarães.

Her younger daughter Catherine became the Duchess of Braganza and had a claim to the throne of Portugal. She was also part of the succession crisis.


This marriage produced three children:


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