Irupatham Noottandu

Irupatham Noottandu (transl.Twentieth Century) is a 1987 Indian Malayalam-language gangster film film directed by K. Madhu, written by S. N. Swamy and produced by M. Mani. It stars Mohanlal, Suresh Gopi, and Ambika. The film's music was composed by Shyam. The plot follows Sagar Alias Jacky (Mohanlal), a maverick youth who runs a gold smuggling racket for Sekharankutty (Gopi), the son of the Chief Minister of Kerala. Their relationship stains after the latter brings narcotics into the business.

Irupatham Noottandu
Irupatham Noottandu.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed byK. Madhu
Produced byM. Mani
Written byS. N. Swami
Suresh Gopi
Music byShyam
Edited byV. P. Krishnan
Distributed byAaroma Release
Release date
  • May 14, 1987 (1987-05-14) (India)
Running time
150 minutes
Box office₹2 crore+[1]

The film was released on 14 May 1987. It performed well at the box office and became the highest-grossing Malayalam film until then, grossing more than ₹2 crore at the box office and ran for over 200 days in theatres.[1] It was remade in Kannada as Jackey (1989) and in Telugu as 20va Sathabdam (1990). Devaraj portrayed Shekarankutty in both films. The film also has a spiritual sequel, Sagar Alias Jacky Reloaded, released in 2009 and directed by Amal Neerad with Mohanlal reprising his role.


The story is about Sagar Alias Jacky and his accomplice Shekharankutty. Ashwathy is a reporter for a news magazine looking to investigate the connection between politics and crime in Kerala. She is drawn to the life of Sagar Alias Jacky who runs a clandestine gold smuggling business for Shekharankutty, son of the Chief Minister of the Kerala state.

Jacky is an enigmatic character who stops the smuggling business from growing because of ethical issues with narcotics. Ashwathy publishes a sensational article connecting Jacky to the Chief Minister. After the incident Sagar talks to Ashwathy. Jacky leaves the group because Shekharankutty's friend Koshy says they can do drug business. Jacky and Shekharankutty fight each other with tacts. Aswathy writes another article and she gets kidnapped by Shekharankutty. Jacky beats Shekharankutty, police raids Shekharankutty's drug station and arrests others.

Shekharankutty with his influence bails others. He gets to know that Jacky had informed the police. The Chief Minister demolishes Sagar's lovers place. But Jacky threatens him and demands to build those houses. Shekarankutty gets angry and hits the car which had Sagar and his mother. Sagar's mother dies. The Chief Minister asks Shekharankutty to go to Dubai with full police protection. Still, Jacky finds a way to sneak into the airport disguised as a pilot and chases Shekharankutty and shoots him. Jacky gets arrested and is jailed the day his lover gets released.



Writer S. N. Swamy got the idea for the film from a photograph featured in an English-language Sunday magazine published from Calcutta. Swami recalled in an interview that it was the time when mafia bosses had a glorified image in the country after the national emergency period in India (1975 – 1977). That was the time when public began to learn about Bombay-based mafia leaders such as Haji Mastan, Yusuf Patel, Varadarajan Mudaliar among others. The magazine had an article on Mastan and a photograph featuring much respected actor Dilip Kumar and his wife Saira Banu touching Mastan's feet for giving pranāma. It was shocking for Swami, he never imagined a mafia leader would be respected as such. It inspired the plot for Irupatham Noottandu and the character Sagar Alias Jacky.[2] The lengthy climax of the film was shot in a single day. Vipindas was the cinematographer.[3]


The music was composed by Shyam and lyrics was written by Chunakkara Ramankutty.

1."Ambarappoo Veedhiyilu"Chunakkara RamankuttyK. J. Yesudas 

Box officeEdit

The film was released on 14 May 1987. It performed well at the box office and became the highest-grossing Malayalam film until then. The film grossed more than ₹2 crore at the box office and ran for over 200 days in theatres.[1]


A spiritual successor sequel titled Sagar Alias Jacky directed by Amal Neerad was released on 26 March 2009.


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