Irish Kennel Club

The Irish Kennel Club or IKC is an organization dedicated to supporting dog breeds and their owners.[1][2]

Irish Kennel Club
FormationJanuary 20, 1922; 98 years ago (1922-01-20)
TypeKennel club
  • Fottrell House, Harold's Cross Bridge, Harold's Cross, Dublin 6W, Co. Dublin, Ireland
Region served
Republic of Ireland
Official language

In Ireland, dogs and their owners must be registered with the Irish Kennel Club.[3] IKC holds a register of purebred dogs in Ireland, issuing export licenses, pedigree certificates and transfer of ownership certification where required.[4]


The number of Kerry Blue Terriers increased dramatically in the Dublin area as it gained admirers in the early 1920s. On St. Patrick's Day 1921, a conformation dog show was organized which included other breeds, in opposition to the English Kennel Club. The popularity of the show was the catalyst that led to the formation of the Irish Kennel Club. The first meeting was held on January 20, 1922. Today, it is a member of the Fédération Cynologique Internationale.

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