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The Irhazer Shale (French: Argiles de l'Irhazer) or Irhazer II Formation is a Middle Jurassic geologic formation of the Irhazer Group in the Agadez Region of Niger. Fossil ornithopod tracks have been reported from the formation.[1] The dinosaur Spinophorosaurus is known from the formation.[2]

Irhazer Shale
Irhazer II Formation
Stratigraphic range: Middle Jurassic
TypeGeological formation
Unit ofIrhazer Group
UnderliesTiouraren Formation
OverliesAssaouas Formation
PrimaryShale, claystone
OtherSiltstone, sandstone
Coordinates16°42′N 7°54′E / 16.7°N 7.9°E / 16.7; 7.9Coordinates: 16°42′N 7°54′E / 16.7°N 7.9°E / 16.7; 7.9
Approximate paleocoordinates8°18′N 2°36′E / 8.3°N 2.6°E / 8.3; 2.6
RegionAgadez Region
Country Niger
ExtentIullemmeden Basin
Type section
Named forIrhazer Izane
Irhazer Shale is located in Niger
Irhazer Shale
Irhazer Shale (Niger)


As the overlying Tiouarèn Formation of the Irhazer Group, the formation previously had been assigned an Early Cretaceous age.[2][3][4]

Fossil contentEdit

The following fossils were reported from the formation:[2][3][4]

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Further readingEdit

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