Iraq Division One

The Iraq Division One is the second-highest division of the Iraqi football league system after the Premier League, The league is contested by 24 clubs. It is operated by the Iraq Football Association (IFA). Each season, the two top-finishing teams in the Division One are automatically promoted to the Premier League. The four lowest-finishing teams in the Division One are relegated to Division Two. The number of clubs in the league have changed throughout history, most recently in the 2021-22 season when the number of clubs decreased from 28 to 24.

Iraq Division One
Iraq Division One Logo.png
Number of teams24
Level on pyramid2
Promotion toPremier League
Relegation toIraq Division Two
Domestic cup(s)Iraq FA Cup
International cup(s)AFC Cup
(via Iraq FA Cup)
Current championsAl-Sinaa
TV partnersShabab Sport
Kurdistan 24
WebsiteOfficial website
Current: 2021–22 Iraq Division One

It has previously been called the Division Two but has been known as the Division One since 2003. In the 2020–21 season, Al-Sinaa won the title and were promoted alongside runners-up Newroz.

League structureEdit

In November 2020, The Iraq FA announced that the number of teams will decrease from 28 to 24 in total starting from 2021-2022 season. To make these changes possible, the Iraq FA announced that in 2020–21 season, The top teams in each group are directly promoted to the Premier League, while 8 teams in total are directly regelated to Division Two.[1]

Current membersEdit

2021–22 seasonEdit

Team Manager Location Stadium Capacity
Afak   Haider Hussein Al-Qādisiyyah, Diwaniya Al-Kifl Stadium 10,000
Al-Alam   Ali Jawad Saladin Al-Alam Stadium 10,000
Al-Bahri   Asaad Abdul Razzaq Basra, Al-Jubaila Al-Bahri Stadium 10,000
Al-Difaa Al-Madani   Mahdi Kadhim Baghdad Al-Taji Stadium 5,000
Al-Hussein   Kadhim Yousef Baghdad, Sadr City Al-Hussein Stadium 5,000
Al-Jinsiya   Karim Qumbil Baghdad Al-Jinsiya Stadium 5,000
Al-Kufa   Adel Ali Al-Aasam Najaf, Kufa Najaf Stadium 30,000
Al-Muroor   Adel Ajer Baghdad, Sadr City Al-Walaa Stadium 5,000
Al-Nasiriya   Ali Wahaib Dhi Qar, Nasiriya An Nasiriya Stadium 10,000
Al-Ramadi   Khamis Hammoud Anbar, Ramadi Al Ramadi Stadium 15,000
Al-Shirqat   Mohammed Attiya Saladin, Shirqat Shirqat Stadium 5,000
Al-Sulaikh   Rashid Sultan Baghdad, Suleikh Al Sulaikh Stadium 5,000
Babylon   Fouad Jawad Babylon Al Kifl Stadium 10,000
Diyala   Ali Abdullah Diyala, Baquba Ba'quba Stadium 10,000
Duhok   Adel Nasser Duhok Duhok Stadium 20,000
Ghaz Al-Shamal   Walid Mohammed Qader Kirkuk Kirkuk Olympic Stadium 20,000
Karbalaa   Ali Wahab Karbala Karbala Sports City 30,000
Masafi Al-Janoob   Nasser Talla Dahilan Basra, Shaibah Masafi Al-Janoob Stadium 5,000
Maysan   Ahmed Zuhair Maysan Maysan Stadium 25,000
Peshmerga   Arsalan Jalal Sulaymaniyah Peshmerga Stadium 10,000
Suq Al-Shuyukh   Moayad Tomeh Dhi Qar, Suq Al-Shuyukh Souk Al-Shuyukh Stadium 5,000
Al-Hudood SC   Abbas Attiya Baghdad Al-Taji Stadium 5,000
Al-Sinaat Al-Kahrabaiya   Adel Nima Baghdad Al-Sinaat Stadium 5,000
Al-Samawa FC   Aqeel Ghani Al-Samawa Al-Samawah Stadium 15,000

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