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Iowa Highway 14 is a state highway that runs from north to south across the state of Iowa. Highway 14 is 188 miles (302 kilometers) long. The southern terminus of Iowa Highway 14 is Corydon at an intersection with Iowa Highway 2. The northern terminus of Iowa 14 is in Charles City at an intersection with U.S. Highway 18 and U.S. Route 218 Business.

Iowa Highway 14 marker

Iowa Highway 14
Iowa 14 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by Iowa DOT
Length187.838 mi[1] (302.296 km)
Major junctions
South end Iowa 2 in Corydon
North end
US 18 / US 218 Business in Charles City
Highway system
Iowa 13Iowa 15


Route descriptionEdit

Iowa Highway 14 begins in Corydon at Iowa Highway 2. It goes north past Millerton and intersects U.S. Highway 34 in Chariton. After leaving Chariton going north, it turns northeast near Williamson, then turns north shortly before intersecting Iowa Highway 5 and Iowa Highway 92 at Knoxville. It continues north past the locally famous "Mile Long Bridge", which carries the highway across Lake Red Rock, and then intersects Iowa Highway 163 in Monroe. It proceeds north to Newton, where it intersects Interstate 80 and a short overlap with U.S. Highway 6 begins. The overlap ends as it skirts the eastern edge of Lambs Grove. It continues north, then turns east and turns north again when it intersects Iowa Highway 224. It continues north through Laurel, then intersects U.S. Highway 30 at the southern edge of Marshalltown.

Iowa 14 then goes through Marshalltown and then intersects Iowa Highway 330 and Iowa Highway 96 before intersecting Iowa Highway 175 west of Grundy Center. Iowa 14 and Iowa 175 then overlap into Grundy Center. Iowa 14 turns north at Grundy Center and intersects U.S. Highway 20 before meeting Iowa Highway 57 near Parkersburg. They overlap through Parkersburg, then Iowa 14 turns north. It continues north until Iowa Highway 3, with which it overlaps for one mile (1.6 km) near Allison. It continues north west of Allison through Greene, goes through Roseville, then turns east towards Charles City. West of Charles City, it intersects U.S. Highway 18, U.S. Highway 218, and Iowa Highway 27, the Iowa designation for the Avenue of the Saints. It continues east into downtown Charles City and ends at another intersection with U.S. Highway 18.


Iowa Highway 14 was established July 1, 1920, when the Iowa highway system was established. On May 1, 2006, Iowa 14 was extended further into Charles City to intersect U.S. 18, which was rerouted around Charles City that day.

Major intersectionsEdit

WayneCorydon0.0000.000  Iowa 2 (Jefferson Street) – Centerville, Leon
LucasChariton17.33527.898  US 34 – Osceola, Albia
  US 34 Business east (7th Street)
Southern end of US 34 Business overlap
  US 34 Business east (Court Avenue) – Business District
Northern end of US 34 Business overlap
MarionKnoxville42.63968.621   Iowa 5 / Iowa 92 – Indianola, OskaloosaIowa 5 exit 62
  Iowa 92 Business (Pleasant Street)
JasperMonroe57.13291.945  Iowa 163 – Des Moines, OskaloosaExit 29 along Iowa 163
Newton69.349111.606   I-80 / US 6 west – Des Moines, DavenportSouthern end of US 6 overlap; exit 164 along I-80
70.439113.361  US 6 east (1st Avenue West) – Lambs Grove, Newton, Business DistrictNorthern end of US 6 overlap
Mariposa Township86.071138.518  Iowa 224 south – Kellogg
MarshallMarshalltown98.899159.163  US 30 – Ames, Cedar RapidsExit 185 along US 30
  US 30 Business (Iowa Avenue)
Taylor Township107.419172.874  Iowa 330 south – Albion
Liscomb Township111.416179.307  Iowa 96 east – Gladbrook
GrundyMelrose Township123.339198.495  Iowa 175 west – EldoraSouthern end of Iowa 175 overlap
Grundy Center130.613210.201  Iowa 175 east (G Avenue)Northern end of Iowa 175 overlap
township line
137.608221.459  US 20 – Fort Dodge, WaterlooExit 208 along US 20
ButlerParkersburg145.034233.410  Iowa 57 east – Cedar FallsSouthern end of Iowa 57 overlap
146.456235.698  Iowa 57 west (Buswell Street) – Aplington, Ackley, Business DistrictNorthern end of Iowa 57 overlap
Allison158.014254.299  Iowa 3 east – Shell RockSouthern end of Iowa 3 overlap
159.019255.916  Iowa 3 west – Dumont, HamptonNorthern end of Iowa 3 overlap
FloydSaint Charles Township185.445298.445   
    US 18 / US 218 / Iowa 27 – Mason City, Waterloo
Exit 214 along US 18
Charles City187.560301.849   
  US 218 Business north (Gilbert Street)
South end of US 218 Business overlap
   US 18 / US 218 Business south (Brantingham Street / 2nd Street)
North end of US 218 Business overlap
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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