Iowa District

The Iowa District was a region of north-central North America west of the Mississippi River claimed by the United States. From June 28, 1834 to July 4, 1838, it was part of the Michigan Territory and, later, the Wisconsin Territory. It included not only the area which became the state of Iowa, but all of what would become Minnesota and parts of what would become North Dakota and South Dakota. In September 1834, at an extra session of the Sixth Legislative Assembly of Michigan, the Iowa District was divided into two counties. A border was drawn due west from the lower end of Rock Island in the Mississippi River. The territory north of this line (which started just south of the present-day Davenport) was named Dubuque County, and all area to the south of the line was named Demoine County.

Iowa District
District of the United States
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• Disestablished
 • TypeCounties
 • UnitsDubuque County and Demoine County
Today part ofUnited States

It became the Iowa Territory on July 4, 1838.