Invergloy Platform railway station

Invergloy Platform was a railway station in Inverness-shire, Scotland on the Invergarry and Fort Augustus Railway between 1904 and 1933.

Invergloy Platform
General information
Coordinates56°57′18″N 4°54′43″W / 56.9549°N 4.9119°W / 56.9549; -4.9119
Grid referenceNN229885
Other information
Original companyInvergarry and Fort Augustus Railway
Pre-groupingHighland Railway
Key dates
1 July 1904Station opened
1 November 1911Station closed
1 August 1913Station re-opened
1 December 1933Station closed to passengers
31 December 1946Station closed for freight

Overview edit

The station was opened on 1 July 1904[1] on the Invergarry and Fort Augustus Railway which had opened 12 months previously. It was a single platform with a waiting shelter and was sometimes known as Invergloy Station. The station was operated by the Highland Railway from 1904 to 1907, and then by the North British Railway until 1922.[2] From 1923 it was operated by the London and North Eastern Railway.

It was expanded with two sidings put in for timber traffic during the First World War.[3]

It closed on 1 December 1933.[4]

Preceding station   Disused railways   Following station
Gairlochy   Highland Railway
Invergarry and Fort Augustus Railway

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