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Into the Open Economy

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Into the Open Economy is a book written by Irish author and social activist Colin R. Turner which sets out proposals for an open (sharing) economy without money, trade or governance.[1]

Into The Open Economy
Into The Open Economy - front cover
Front cover
Author Colin R. Turner
Country Ireland
Language English
Genre Economic theory
Published August 2016
Publisher Applied Image
Media type Paperback, Kindle E-book
Pages 92
ISBN 978-0-9560640-4-2


Basic premiseEdit

The book holds that the majority of social, economic and environmental problems are caused by the limitations of the market system, or, as Turner puts it: "our primary methods of distributing resources and conducting society, namely: trade and governance."[2]

Turner goes on to detail the inherent limitations of trade and governance, where he claims trade and exclusive ownership always lead to wealth concentration,[3] and the rise in technological unemployment must inevitably negate the market system through the collapse of the labour market.[4]

Turner also describes government as "an outgrowth of the trading system", speculating that without a trading system and labour market, government would have little or no reason to exist.[5]

Open economyEdit

In the book, Turner proposes what he calls an open (sharing) economy, founded on the basic principles of sharing and shifting individual purpose from self-interest to group interest.[6] He defines the open economy as: "the application of an open, distributed model to a traditionally closed-loop economic system. In other words, rather than every individual seeking only to benefit themselves, a common understanding exists that enables everyone to benefit everyone, including themselves."[7]

Other booksEdit

Into the Open Economy has been translated into Spanish[8], French[9], German[10], Portuguese[11] and Czech[12]. Turner is also the author of a novel, F-Day: The Second Dawn of Man, which presents a visualisation of how an open economy might come about.[13] He is also the author and founder of Free World Charter.[14]


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