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Interstate 90 (I-90) in the U.S. state of Minnesota runs for 276 miles (444 km) across the southern side of the state, parallel to the Iowa state line. The route connects the cities of Rochester, Worthington, Albert Lea, and Austin. The city of Winona is also in close proximity to I-90, with about 10 miles (16 km) between the Interstate and the city.

Interstate 90 marker

Interstate 90
American Veterans Memorial Highway
I-90 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by MnDOT
Length275.70 mi[1] (443.70 km)
Major junctions
West end I-90 at the South Dakota state line
  MN 23 near Beaver Creek
US 75 at Luverne
US 59 / MN 60 at Worthington
US 71 at Jackson
US 169 at Blue Earth
I-35 near Albert Lea
US 218 at Austin
US 63 at Stewartville
US 52 near Rochester
US 14 / US 61 near La Crescent
East end I-90 at the Wisconsin state line
CountiesRock, Nobles, Jackson, Martin, Faribault, Freeborn, Mower, Olmsted, Winona
Highway system
  • Minnesota Trunk Highways
MN 89MN 91

Route descriptionEdit

I-90 enters the state from South Dakota near Beaver Creek. This part of Minnesota has flat to gently rolling terrain and is the beginnings of corn belt farmland. The flat terrain is often subject to blowing and drifting snow in colder months, and the western portions of the highway are closed multiple times each winter.

Rock County, where I-90 enters Minnesota, is one of the only counties in the state lacking a natural lake. The change from semi-arid to a wetter climate happens slowly moving eastbound on I-90 through southern Minnesota. The route passes through the cities of Luverne, Adrian, Worthington, Jackson, Fairmont, and Blue Earth. I-90 has an interchange with I-35 at Albert Lea.

East of the city of Austin, I-90 changes direction slightly and heads towards Rochester, and the route enters a much more hilly landscape. This is the driftless area of southeast Minnesota. Unlike the rest of the state, where the most recent glaciations left terrain that is either flat or rolling under a deposit of glacial till, this area escaped the most recent glaciation. The bedrock to the top of the I-90 road cuts is noticeable at this point. The other notable feature of this area are deep, steep valleys cut by water that poured through this area as the ice cap melted.

The I-90 Bridge between La Crosse, Wisconsin and Dresbach, Minnesota

I-90 drops into the scenic Mississippi River valley just west of Dresbach. The carriageways split apart as they descend, and they rejoin west of the junction with U.S. Highway 61. I-90 then parallels the Mississippi River before turning east and crossing into Wisconsin.

I-90 is atypical in that just across the Minnesota / Wisconsin state line, (immediately west of the community of Dakota) the median is wide enough that farms exist between the road beds.[2]

Legally, the Minnesota section of Interstate 90 is defined as unmarked Legislative Route 391 in the Minnesota Statutes. Interstate 90 is not marked with this legislative number along the actual highway.


Golden Spike Rest Area near the I-90 midpoint

Interstate 90 in Minnesota was authorized as part of the original interstate network in 1956. The first section of I-90 in Minnesota constructed was the bypass of Austin in 1961.[3] The wayside rest area near Blue Earth, Minnesota, is where the east-building I-90 and west-building I-90 teams linked up in 1978, thus completing construction in Minnesota and joining the 3,099.07 miles of the interstate.[4] Plaques dedicating the pavement completion and describing the significance of this segment are on display at the rest area.[5]

I-90 in Minnesota closely follows the route of old U.S. Highway 16 over most of its route except from just east of Austin, where I-90 turns toward Rochester and is constructed on a new alignment not previously covered by a highway. The section of I-90 east of Rochester was constructed just south of U.S. Highway 14 and south of the city of Winona.

I-90 served as a replacement for old U.S. 16 between the South Dakota state line and I-90's interchange with present-day State Highway 16 at Dexter.

Exit listEdit

Rock0.0000.000  I-90 west – Sioux FallsContinuation into South Dakota
1.0571.7011   MN 23 / CSAH 17 – Jasper, PipestoneAlso leads to Manley one mile (1.6 km) to the south
Beaver Creek3.8956.2683  CSAH 4 – Beaver CreekEastbound exit and westbound entrance
5.0748.1665  CSAH 6 – Beaver Creek, Hills
Luverne12.47920.08312  US 75 – Luverne, Rock RapidsAlso access to Pipestone
Magnolia18.48329.74618  CSAH 3 – Magnolia, Kanaranzi
NoblesAdrian26.62042.84126  MN 91 – Adrian, Lake Wilson
Rushmore33.70754.24633  CSAH 13 – Rushmore, Wilmont
Worthington42.25568.00342   I-90 Bus. east / CSAH 25 – Worthington, Wilmont
43.73970.39143  US 59 – Worthington, Slayton
45.14872.65945   I-90 Bus. west / MN 60 – Worthington, WindomAlso access to Mankato, Sioux City, Twin Cities
47.79676.92047  CSAH 53Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
county line
50.73881.65550   MN 264 / CSAH 1 – Brewster, Round Lake
Jackson57.72892.90457  CSAH 9 – Heron Lake, Okabena
64.767104.23264  MN 86 – Lakefield, Spirit Lake
Jackson73.813118.79173  US 71 – Jackson, Windom, Spirit Lake
Alpha80.083128.88180  CSAH 29 – Alpha
MartinSherburn87.309140.51087  MN 4 – Sherburn, St. James, Trimont, Estherville
Welcome93.675150.75593   MN 263 / CSAH 27 – Welcome, Ceylon
Fairmont99.807160.62499   I-90 Bus. east / CSAH 39 – Fairmont
102.053164.238102   I-90 Bus. west / MN 15 – Fairmont, Madelia, Truman, ArmstrongAlso access to Mankato, Twin Cities
Granada107.202172.525107  CSAH 53 – Granada, East ChainRoad from exit into Granada was formerly MN 262
FaribaultGuckeen113.272182.294113  CSAH 1 – Guckeen, Huntley
Blue Earth119.909192.975119  US 169 – Blue Earth, Mankato, Winnebago, ElmoreGreen Giant
128.538206.862128   MN 254 south / CSAH 17 – Easton, Frost
134.546216.531134   MN 253 south / CSAH 21 – Minnesota Lake, Bricelyn
138.630223.103138  MN 22 – Wells, Kiester
FreebornAlden146.292235.434146   MN 109 / CSAH 6 – Alden, Mankato
Albert Lea154.739249.028154  MN 13 – Albert Lea, Waseca
157.826253.996157  CSAH 22 – Albert Lea
159.740257.077159  I-35 – Albert Lea, Des Moines, Minneapolis, St. PaulSigned as exits 159A (south) and 159B (north); I-35 exits 13A-B
Hayward163.705263.458163  CSAH 26 – Hayward
Oakland166.321267.668166  CSAH 46 (Oakland Road) – Petran, Oakland
MowerAustin175.488282.421175    I-90 Bus. east / MN 105 / CSAH 46 / Oakland Avenue – Austin
177.188285.156177  US 218 north / 14th Street NW – Austin, OwatonnaWest end of US 218 overlap
177.872286.257178A4th Street NW – Austin
178.506287.278178B6th Street NE – Austin
179.148288.31117911th Drive NE – Austin
179.741289.265180A  I-90 Bus. west / Oakland Place – AustinWestbound exit and eastbound entrance
180.024289.721180B  US 218 south / 21st Street Northeast – AustinEast end of US 218 overlap
180.500290.48718128th Street NE – Austin
183.562295.414183  MN 56 – Brownsdale, Rose Creek
187.338301.491187  CSAH 20
189.584305.106189  CSAH 13 – Elkton
Dexter193.048310.681193  MN 16 – Dexter, Grand Meadow, Spring Valley, Preston
Olmsted205.054330.002205  CSAH 6
Stewartville209.270336.787209   US 63 / MN 30 – Stewartville, RochesterSigned as exits 209A (south/east) and 209B (north/west)
Rochester217.620350.225218  US 52 – Chatfield, RochesterAlso access to Twin Cities
Eyota223.606359.859224   MN 42 north / CSAH 7 – Eyota
Dover228.572367.851229  CSAH 10 – Dover
WinonaSt. Charles232.291373.836233  MN 74 – St. Charles, Chatfield
242.061389.559242  CSAH 29 – Lewiston
249.103400.892249  MN 43 south – RushfordWest end of MN 43 overlap
Winona252.059405.650252  MN 43 north – WinonaEast end of MN 43 overlap
257.692414.715257  MN 76 south – Houston
Nodine266.017428.113267  CSAH 12 – Nodine
270.288434.986269   US 14 west / US 61 north – WinonaWestbound access to US 14 west/US 61 north; west end of US 14 / US 61 overlap; eastbound exit via exit 270
Dakota271.232436.506270   To US 14 west / US 61 north – DakotaUS 14 and US 61 signed eastbound only; westbound entrance via exit 269
273DresbachSigned as exits 273A (first exit) and 273B (second exit) eastbound
La Crescent275.243442.961276   US 14 east / US 61 south – La Crescent, La CrosseEast end of US 14 / US 61 overlap
Mississippi River275.701443.698I-90 Mississippi River Bridge
  I-90 east – TomahContinuation into Wisconsin
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


Route map:

KML is from Wikidata

*Steve Riner Details of Routes 76 to 100. Unofficial Minnesota Highways Page. Accessed January 12, 2009.

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