Business routes of Interstate 5

Business routes of Interstate 5 exist in both California and Washington. There are no business routes in Oregon as that state does not assign for any of its highways. However, Oregon Route 99 essentially acts as a business route for most of Oregon, along with Oregon Route 99W and Oregon Route 99E

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National City loopEdit


Interstate 5 Business
LocationNational City, California

Business Loop 5 was a business route of I-5 in San Ysidro, National City, and Chula Vista, California. Business Loop 5 followed the original routing of U.S. Route 101 along Beyer Boulevard, Broadway, Harbor Drive, and Pacific Highway. The route terminated at I-5 at both ends.

The designation was assigned in the 1960s and removed in the 1990s.

San Diego loopEdit


Interstate 5 Business
LocationSan Diego, California

Business Loop 5 was a business route of I-5 in San Diego, California. Business Loop 5 followed the original routing of U.S. Route 101 along Mission Bay Drive and terminated at I-5 at both ends. The designation was removed in late 2004 and early 2005.

Irvine spurEdit


Interstate 5 Business
LocationIrvine, California

Business Spur 5 is a business route of I-5, starting at Interstate 5 in Irvine and ending at Barranca Parkway in Irvine, traveling via Jamboree Road. The Spur intersects with California State Route 261 adjacent to the northern terminus of the Spur.[citation needed]

San Fernando RoadEdit

San Fernando Road was a Business Loop of I-5 in Glendale, Burbank, and the San Fernando Valley in the 1970s. Prior to the construction of I-5, San Fernando Road was an alignment of U.S. Routes 6 and 99.

Woodland loopEdit


Interstate 5 Business
LocationWoodland, California

In Woodland it begins at Interstate 5 Exit 537, runs west on Main Street (County Route 22), and then north on Pedrick Street (State 16, County Route E7, County 98) to Exit 540.[1]



Interstate 5 Business
LocationWeed, California

See California State Route 265



Interstate 5 Business
LocationYreka, California

See: California State Route 263


See Oregon Route 99




Interstate 5 Business
LocationVancouver, Washington

Business Loop 5 was a business route of I-5 in Vancouver, Washington.

Castle RockEdit


Interstate 5 Business
LocationCastle Rock, Washington

Business Loop 5 is a business route of I-5 in Castle Rock, Washington. It is partially concurrent with State Route 411.



Interstate 5 Business
LocationChehalisCentralia, Washington

Business Loop 5 was a business route of I-5 from Chehalis to Centralia, Washington.

The route was originally composed of two partial loops connected by a center leg. Each loop served a city, with the northern loop serving Centralia and the southern loop serving Chehalis. These were posted following the elimination of the US Route 99 designation along most of the route in 1964. The business loop was removed in the 1970s, however in 1989 the Chehalis City Council voted to restore the southern half of the route, composing the center leg and Chehalis loop[2]. The Centralia City Council was also planning to take up the issue, however it is unclear whether a vote was held and signs were not restored to the northern half of the route. However, the Chehalis part of the business loop had its signage restored in 1989.

With signage replacements in the early 2000s, references to the route were not included on the I-5 guide signs for Exits 76, 79 or 82. By 2016, only the center leg was signed, however as stated it was no longer referenced on I-5's guide signs for Exit 79. The signage was removed completely in 2018 when the interchange with I-5 was reconstructed. In 2011, an editorial by local newspaper The Chronicle,[3] regarding declining business from travelers in Centralia and Chehalis, argued that the removal of I-5 Business signage from the freeway guide signs on I-5 had a detrimental affect on commerce.



Interstate 5 Business
LocationFederal Way, Washington

A section of former U.S. Route 99 from Fife to Midway (near Des Moines was signed as a business loop in 1962. It is now part of SR 99.



Interstate 5 Business
LocationMarysville, Washington


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