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Interstate 41 (I-41) is a 176.33-mile-long (283.78 km) Interstate Highway connecting the interchange of I-94 and U.S. Route 41 (US 41), located 0.9 miles (1.4 km) south of the Wisconsin–Illinois border at the end of the Tri-State Tollway in metropolitan Chicago, to an interchange with I-43 in metropolitan Green Bay, Wisconsin. The designation travels concurrently with US 41, I-894, US 45, I-43, and sections of I-94 in Wisconsin and Illinois. The route was officially added to the Interstate Highway System on April 7, 2015,[1] and connects Milwaukee and Green Bay with the Fox Cities.

Interstate 41 marker

Interstate 41
I-41 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by WisDOT and IDOT
Length176.33 mi (283.78 km)
ExistedApril 7, 2015 (2015-04-07)[1]–present
HistoryApproved for designation in 2012[2]
Major junctions
South end I-94 / US 41 in Russell, IL
North end I-43 / US 41 / US 141 in Howard, WI
StatesIllinois, Wisconsin
CountiesIL: Lake
WI: Kenosha, Racine, Milwaukee, Waukesha, Washington, Dodge, Fond du Lac, Winnebago, Outagamie, Brown
Highway system
IL 40ILUS 41


Route descriptionEdit

I-41 begins at the I-94/US 41 interchange in Russell, Illinois, located 0.9 miles (1.4 km) south of the Wisconsin–Illinois border at the end of the Tri-State Tollway. The highway continues north concurrently with I-94 to the Mitchell Interchange in Milwaukee, turns west to run concurrently with I-894 and I-43 to the Hale Interchange (forming a brief wrong-way concurrency with I-43), and turns north to run concurrently with I-894 and US 45 to the Zoo Interchange, with the US 45 concurrency continuing until the I-41/US 41/US 45 split near Richfield. The Interstate roughly parallels I-43, which runs north–south along Lake Michigan from Milwaukee to Green Bay. I-41 runs through the Fox Valley (including the cities of Fond du Lac, Oshkosh and Appleton, along with the Fox Cities) and Green Bay, where it ends at the I-43 interchange. The Interstate is approximately 176 miles (283 km) long and located almost entirely within the state of Wisconsin, and is completely concurrent with a slightly adjusted alignment of US 41 to its termination in Green Bay.[3]

Markers for I-41, I-43, and I-894 south of Milwaukee; this is one of two instances of a wrong-way concurrency in the United States involving two Interstate highways. It is also one of only two places in the United States where three Interstate Highways share the same roadway.


The freeway portion of US 41 and US 45 from Milwaukee through the Fox Valley to Green Bay was proposed and designated as an Interstate Highway as part of the 2005 highway funding bill (Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users).[4]

In the initial language of the bill, the route was named Interstate 41, which correlates with the U.S. Highway it parallels and also complies with the Interstate naming guidelines through the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO). The final bill omitted the I-41 designation. In 2009, Green Bay officials began a campaign to have US 41 designated as a northern extension of I-55 from its current termination in Chicago, with the alternative being designated as a spur of I-43.[5][6] At the spring meeting of the Special Committee on U.S. Route Numbers of AASHTO on May 18, 2012, the I-55 designation was discussed by the committee. Coordination would have been required with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) on the I-55 designation.

However, IDOT officials were not interested in signing an extension of I-55 from its Chicago terminus to the state line. Therefore, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) decided to seek a different designation not requiring the cooperation of their Illinois counterparts. Four designations were proposed by WisDOT and put up for public review: two new primary designations (I-41 and I-47) and two auxiliary designations (I-594 and I-643).[7] At the end of October 2012, WisDOT submitted I-41 to AASHTO for consideration at their fall Special Committee meeting, where it was conditionally approved on November 16, 2012, pending FHWA concurrence.[2] Official approval of I-41 then hinged on weight limit exceptions being approved for the route,[8] which initially passed the United States House of Representatives as H.R. 4745 and awaited a United States Senate vote as S. 2438,[9] but were later passed in a different bill (H.R. 83) on December 16, 2014.[10][11][12] On April 9, 2015, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker announced that the FHWA had approved I-41 as part of the Interstate Highway System.[13] According to WisDOT, the approval came two days earlier.[1]

Newly installed I-41/US 41 sign south of WIS 145 near Richfield from June 2015

WisDOT replaced or modified 3,500 signs in September 2015 after coordination with IDOT and the FHWA.[14] Over the next 5–10 years, shoulders are slated to be rebuilt as older parts of the highway are upgraded.[15] The re-designation to Interstate status also makes the route subject to the Highway Beautification Act, meaning current advertising billboards along the Milwaukee to Green Bay portion of the road can no longer be upgraded or enlarged, nor can new signs be added.[16]

Exit listEdit

LakeNewport Township0.000.001B 
  I-94 east (Tri-State Tollway) – Chicago, Indiana
  US 41 south – Waukegan
Cermac Avenue
Southern end of I-94/US 41 concurrency; southbound entrance only from Cermac Avenue
0.761.221ARussell RoadSigned as exit 1 northbound; exit numbers based on I-94's mile markers
Illinois–Wisconsin state line
KenoshaPleasant Prairie2.043.28347   WIS 165 / CTH-Q (Lakeview Parkway)
3.435.52345  CTH-C
Kenosha5.078.16344  WIS 50 – Kenosha, Lake Geneva
Somers6.5910.61342  WIS 158 – Kenosha
8.3513.44340   WIS 142 / CTH-S – Burlington, Kenosha
Town of Paris10.0716.21339  CTH-E
county line
Mount PleasantParis
village/town line
12.0819.44337  CTH-KR (County Line Road)
RacineMount Pleasant13.9522.45335  WIS 11 – Burlington, Racine
Town of Yorkville15.96–
333  WIS 20 – Waterford, Racine
Caledonia19.6431.61329  CTH-K – Racine
Town of Raymond21.6734.87327  CTH-G
23.1737.29326Seven Mile Road
Caledonia24.1038.79325  WIS 241 north (27th Street)Northbound exit and southbound entrance
MilwaukeeOak Creek324Elm RoadFuture exit, will replace exit 325
26.3942.47322  WIS 100 (Ryan Road)
28.4745.82321Drexel Avenue
29.4147.33320  CTH-BB (Rawson Avenue)
Milwaukee30.3848.89319  CTH-ZZ (College Avenue)
31.0850.02318   WIS 119 – Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport
32.3752.09317Layton Avenue
  I-94 east – Chicago, Airport
   I-43 north / I-94 west – Milwaukee
  I-894 west
Mitchell Interchange; northern end of I-94 concurrency; eastern end of I-43 wrong-way concurrency; eastern end of I-894 concurrency
33.6054.079  WIS 241 – South 27th StreetNo access is allowed from I-94 west or to I-94 east; exit numbers based on I-894's mile markers
Greenfield34.6455.758  WIS 36 – Loomis Road
35.6457.367South 60th Street
36.6659.005BSouth 76th StreetNorthbound exit and southbound entrance
5ASouth 76th Street, South 84th StreetSouthbound exit and northbound entrance
36.8659.325A  WIS 24 west – Forest Home AvenueNorthbound exit and southbound entrance
Milwaukee38.0661.254   I-43 south / US 45 south – Beloit, ChicagoHale Interchange; western end of I-43 concurrency; southern end of the US 45 concurrency
Greenfield39.3263.283  CTH-T (Beloit Road)
39.9364.262BOklahoma AvenueSouthbound exit and northbound entrance
West Allis40.6765.452ANational AvenueSouthbound exit to westbound National Avenue only
40.9365.871ELincoln AvenueSouthbound exit and northbound entrance
41.8967.421D  WIS 59 – Greenfield Avenue
  I-94 – Madison, Downtown Milwaukee, Chicago
  I-894 east
Western end of I-894 concurrency; signed as exits 1A (east) and 1B (west) northbound and exits 38A (west) and 38B (east) southbound; Zoo Interchange
39  US 18 (Bluemound Road) / Wisconsin AvenueNorthbound exit is not signed for Wisconsin Avenue; exit numbers based on US 45's mile markers
40Watertown Plank Road, Swan BoulevardSoutbound exit not signed for Swan Boulevard
44.9472.3242A  WIS 100 north (Mayfair Road) / North Avenue eastSouthbound exit not signed for WIS 100
45.5473.2942BNorth Avenue west
46.5974.9843Burleigh Street
47.5976.5944  WIS 190 (Capitol Drive)Three-level diamond interchange; access roads for the adjacent Harley-Davidson and Penzeys Spices plants are also part of the interchange
Milwaukee48.6978.3645  CTH-EE (Hampton Avenue)
49.5279.6946   CTH-E south (Silver Spring Drive) / WIS 100Southern end of WIS 100 concurrency
51.0582.1647  WIS 175 (Appleton Avenue)
51.8583.4447B  CTH-PP (Good Hope Road)Exit numbers based on US 41's mile markers
48  WIS 145
WaukeshaMenomonee Falls54.64–
50   WIS 74 west / WIS 100 east (Main Street)Northern end of WIS 100 concurrency; signed as exits 50A (east) and 50B (west)
55.4589.2451Pilgrim RoadSigned as exits 51A (north) and 51B (south)
WashingtonGermantown56.6891.2252  CTH-Q (County Line Road)
58.6394.3654   WIS 167 east (Mequon Road) / CTH-Y (Lannon Road)Southern end of WIS 167 concurrency
61.6499.2057  WIS 167 west (Holy Hill Road)Northern end of WIS 167 concurrency
Richfield63.27101.8259  US 45 north – West BendNorthern end of US 45 concurrency; northbound exit and southbound entrance
64.37103.5960   CTH-FD to WIS 145Signage reads WIS 145; ramp signage reads CTH-FD TO WIS 145
Slinger68.17109.7164  WIS 60 – Jackson, Slinger, HartfordSigned as exits 64A (east, Jackson) and 64B (west, Slinger, Hartford) northbound. Commerce Blvd
Town of Polk70.45113.3866  WIS 144 – West Bend, Slinger
Town of Hartford72.12116.0768  CTH-K
Town of Addison76.37122.9172   WIS 33 / CTH-W – West Bend, Allenton
Town of Wayne79.59128.0976  CTH-D
DodgeTown of Theresa85.22137.1581  WIS 28 – Mayville, Kewaskum
Lomira89.24143.6285  WIS 67 – Lomira, Campbellsport
Town of Lomira91.29146.9287   WIS 49 / CTH-KK – Brownsville, Waupun
Fond du LacTown of Byron96.10154.6692  CTH-B – Oakfield, Eden
Fond du Lac99.71–
95   US 45 south / US 151 – Madison, ManitowocSouthern end of US 45 overlap
101.01162.5697  CTH-VVV (Hickory Street)
101.84163.9098  CTH-D (Military Road)Former US 151
103.74166.9599   US 45 north / WIS 23 (Johnson Street) – Rosendale, RiponNorthern end of US 45 overlap
North Fond du Lac104.24167.76101  CTH-OO (Winnebago Street)
Town of Eldorado110.27177.46106  CTH-N – Van Dyne
WinnebagoTown of Nekimi117.47189.05113   WIS 26 / CTH-N – Rosendale, Waupun, Pickett
Oshkosh120.22193.48116   WIS 44 / WIS 91 (South Park Avenue, Ripon Road) – Waukau
121.64195.761179th Avenue
123.14198.17119  WIS 21 (Omro Road, Oshkosh Avenue) – Omro
125.05201.25120   US 45 (Algoma Boulevard) to US 10 west – New LondonTo US 10 west not signed southbound
128.10206.16124  WIS 76 (Jackson Street)
Neenah133.30214.53129Bell Street, Breezewood Lane
134.67216.73131   WIS 114 / CTH-JJ (Winneconne Avenue) – Hilbert, Sherwood
135.61218.24132Main Street, Oak Ridge RoadNo entrance ramps
Fox Crossing136.35219.43133  CTH-II (Winchester Road) – Winchester
137.81221.78134   US 10 east / WIS 441 north
137.86221.86  US 10 west – Stevens Point
139.62224.70136  CTH-BB (Prospect Avenue)
OutagamieTown of Grand Chute140.88226.72137    WIS 125 (College Avenue) / CTH-CA – Appleton International Airport, Downtown
141.65227.96138  WIS 96 (Wisconsin Avenue) – Fremont
142.71229.67139    WIS 15 / CTH-OO (Northland Avenue) to CTH-A – Greenville, HortonvilleTo CTH-A not signed southbound
145.67234.43142  WIS 47 (Richmond Street) – Black Creek
Appleton147.67237.65144  CTH-E (Ballard Road)
145  WIS 441 south
Little Chute151.10243.17146  CTH-N – Little Chute, Kimberly, Combined Locks
Kaukauna152.78245.88148  WIS 55 – Seymour, Kaukauna
153.99247.82150  CTH-J – Kaukauna
Town of Kaukauna158.25254.68154  CTH-U – Wrightstown
BrownTown of Lawrence161.21259.44157  CTH-S – Freedom
181.87292.69161  CTH-F (Scheuring Road) – De Pere
Ashwaubenon167.12268.95163A  CTH-G (Main Avenue)
167.40269.40163B  WIS 32 north (Ashland Avenue) – Green BayNorthbound exit and southbound entrance
168.39271.00164A  CTH-AAA (Oneida Street, Waube Lane)
164B     WIS 172 to I-43 / WIS 57 – A. Straubel AirportTo WIS 57 not signed northbound
171.14275.42167  CTH-VK (Lombardi Avenue, Hazelwood Lane)
Green Bay172.18277.10168A   WIS 32 south / WIS 54 (Mason Street)Southern end of WIS 32 concurrency
Howard173.17278.69168B-C   WIS 29 / WIS 32 north (Shawano Avenue) – WausauNorthern end of WIS 32 concurrency
174.75281.23170A  US 141 south (Velp Avenue)Southern end of US 141 concurrency
170B  I-43 south – Milwaukee
   US 41 north / US 141 north – Marinette, Iron Mountain
Northern end of US 41 concurrency; northern end of US 141 concurrency; northern terminus of I-43; I-41 terminates at northbound entrance ramp from I-43
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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