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Interstate 40 (I-40) is an Interstate Highway in Oklahoma that runs 331 miles (533 km) across the state from Texas to Arkansas. West of Oklahoma City, it parallels and replaces the old Route 66, and east of Oklahoma City, it parallels US-62, 266, and 64.

Interstate 40 marker

Interstate 40
I-40 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by ODOT
Length331 mi (533 km)
Major junctions
West end I-40 at the Texas state line
  US-81 in El Reno

Kilpatrick Turnpike in Oklahoma City
I-44 in Oklahoma City
I-35 in Oklahoma City
I-235 in Oklahoma City
I-240 in Oklahoma City
Indian Nation Turnpike in Henryetta
US-69 in Checotah

Muskogee Turnpike near Webbers Falls
East end I-40 at the Arkansas state line
CountiesBeckham, Washita, Custer, Caddo, Canadian, Oklahoma, Pottawatomie, Seminole, Okfuskee, Okmulgee, McIntosh, Muskogee, Sequoyah
Highway system
Oklahoma State Highway System

Cities along the route include Erick, Sayre, Elk City, Clinton, Weatherford, Oklahoma City and its suburbs (El Reno, Yukon, Del City, Midwest City), Shawnee, Okemah, Henryetta, Checotah, and Sallisaw.

Route descriptionEdit

Interstate 40 enters Oklahoma near Texola in Beckham County. It crosses the North Fork of the Red River near Sayre and runs through southern Elk City. It then cuts across northwest Washita County before entering Custer County. There, it passes through Clinton and Weatherford. After leaving Weatherford, I-40 then runs across northern Caddo County. After that, it enters the Oklahoma City Metro Area at Canadian County.

I-40 and I-44 junction (also known as the Amarillo Junction) traveling westbound in Oklahoma City

I-40 runs through the south side of El Reno as it enters the Oklahoma City metro. It then passes through Yukon before entering Oklahoma City city limits. In west Oklahoma City, I-40 has a junction with Interstate 44. It then runs just south of downtown Oklahoma City on a new ten lane section.[2] I-40 then interlines with Interstate 35 at the Dallas Junction complex. This forms a concurrency with it for two miles (3 km). After the Dallas Junction, I-40 then passes through Del City and Midwest City on the Tinker Diagonal. This provides access to Tinker Air Force Base in east Oklahoma City.

In far eastern Oklahoma City, I-40 meets Interstate 240 in a partial junction. Afterwards, it passes through the north side of Shawnee. This marks the eastern end of the OKC metro area. In Henryetta, I-40 serves as the northern terminus of the Indian Nation Turnpike. In McIntosh County, it crosses the northernmost arm of Lake Eufaula. Afterwards, it meets US-69 south of Checotah.

Near Webbers Falls, I-40 is the southern terminus of the Muskogee Turnpike. It then crosses the Arkansas River before passing through southern Sallisaw. The interstate crosses into Arkansas north of Moffett.


West of Oklahoma City, Interstate 40 parallels and replaces Old US-66. US-66 was decommissioned in Oklahoma in 1985.

Exit 176
Exit 181
Exit 240A
Exit 262

Bridge collapseEdit

The I-40 bridge over the Arkansas River/McClellan-Kerr Navigation System near Webbers Falls was struck by a barge on May 26, 2002, causing the bridge to collapse and resulting in the death of 14 people.

Westbound I-40 traffic was detoured through Gore and Webbers Falls along SH-10, US-64, and SH-100, while eastbound traffic was diverted through Porum and Stigler along SH-2, SH-9, and US-59.[3] Delays of thirty to fifty minutes on the 12-mile (19 km) westbound detour were typical, although trains passing through Gore could lengthen wait times by 15 minutes. The eastbound detour added 40 miles (64 km) and two hours to the typical trip. Some travelers chose to avoid the area entirely; one Tulsa trucking firm detoured trucks via Springdale, adding 70 miles (110 km) to the trip.[4][5]

The detour significantly impacted the town of Gore. Local firefighters directed traffic there 24 hours a day, with daytime temperatures approaching 100 °F (38 °C). Businesses in Gore reported loss of revenue due to the traffic; one gas station reported a 30% decline in revenue while traffic was detoured through town.[5]

2015 shootingsEdit

On December 17, 2015, a Pasadena, Texas man allegedly shot and killed two people on Interstate 40 near Weatherford, Oklahoma. He was arrested by police in Clinton, Oklahoma.[6]

Oklahoma City Crosstown realignmentEdit

The original I-40 Oklahoma City Crosstown Expressway was built in 1966 mostly as an elevated route;[citation needed] however, this former stretch was too narrow for existing traffic, and was frequently in disrepair. In response, the I-40 Crosstown Expressway has been relocated a few blocks south of the original route, and the original bridge torn down. The project was completed in February 2012.[2]

The new I-40 Crosstown Expressway has been designed to carry 170,000+ vehicles-per-day traveling at 60 miles-per-hour (97 km/h) using at-least ten lanes for traffic, and has breakdown lanes for disabled vehicles and future lane expansion.

When the new crosstown opened in 2012, nearly 95% of non-rush hour traffic was considered 'through traffic'; not transferring to or from downtown streets.[citation needed]

A landscaped boulevard is currently under-construction (circa 2016) replacing the original I-40 Crosstown Bridge right-of-way through downtown Oklahoma City; similar to the I-30 reconstruction through downtown Fort Worth, Texas.

Business routes and old alignmentsEdit

I-40 has eight business routes in Oklahoma, six of which are old alignments of US-66. A number of other old alignments of US-66 are also present west of Oklahoma City.

Erick I-40 Business Loop (formerly US-66) is a Business Loop that runs from I-40 two miles (3 km) west of Erick to the old alignment of US-66, through Erick, and back to I-40, four miles (6 km) east of Erick.

Sayre I-40 Business Loop (formerly US-66) is a Business Loop that begins two miles (3 km) south of Sayre at US-283, runs north into the city, and then leaves Sayre to the east, rejoining I-40 two miles (3 km) east of US-283.

Elk City I-40 Business Loop (formerly US-66) is a Business Loop that begins at Exit 32, seven miles (11 km) west of Elk City. It runs for ten miles (16 km) through Elk City, rejoining I-40 at Exit 41.

Clinton I-40 Business Loop (formerly US-66) is a Business Loop that begins at Exit 65, runs five miles (8 km) through Clinton, and rejoins I-40 at Exit 69.

Weatherford I-40 Business Loop (formerly US-66) is a Business Loop that exits I-40 at Exit 82B, runs four miles (6 km) through Weatherford, and rejoins I-40 at Exit 82.

El Reno I-40 Business Loop (formerly US-66) is a Business Loop through El Reno. It exits I-40 at Exit 119, runs eight miles (13 km) through El Reno, and rejoins I-40 at Exit 125, the interchange with US-81.

Henryetta I-40 Business Loop (formerly US-62/US-75) is a Business Loop that leaves I-40 at Exit 237, runs four miles (6 km) through Henryetta, and rejoins I-40 at Exit 240, the interchange with US-75 and the Indian Nation Turnpike.

Sallisaw I-40 Business Loop is a Business Loop that leaves I-40 at Exit 308, US-59, runs four miles (6 km) through Sallisaw, and rejoins I-40 at Exit 311, US-64.

Exit listEdit

Oklahoma–Texas line0.000.00  I-40 continues west into Texas
5.058.135  I-40 Bus. east (Honeyfarm Road) – Erick
Erick7.3511.837  SH-30 – Erick, Sweetwater
11.6518.7511  I-40 Bus. west – Erick
14.3023.0114Hext Road
Sayre20.7633.4120   I-40 Bus. east / US-283 (South 4th Street) – Mangum
23.3337.5523  SH-152 (Main Street) – Cordell
25.0140.2525  I-40 Bus. west (North 4th Street)
26.9043.2926Cemetery Road
Elk City32.50–
32   I-40 Bus. east / SH-34 south – Carter, Mangum, Elk CityWestern terminus of SH-34 concurrency
34.8956.1534Merritt Road
38.7962.4338  SH-6 (South Main Street) – Altus
40.4965.1640East 7th Street
41   I-40 Bus. west / SH-34 north – Woodward, Elk CityEastern terminus of SH-34 concurrency
50.5281.3050Clinton Lake Road
Foss53.2585.7053  SH-44 – Foss, Altus
Custer57.2092.0557Stafford Road
60.9098.0161Haggard Road
62.37100.3762Parkersburg Road
Clinton64.83104.3365  I-40 Bus. east (Gary Boulevard)No eastbound entrance
65.45105.3365A10th Street, Neptune DriveHistoric US 66
66.10106.3866  US-183 (S. 4th Street) – Cordell
68.94110.9569  I-40 Bus. west – ClintonWestbound exit and eastbound entrance
71.69115.3771Custer City Road
Weatherford79.80128.4380  SH-54 – Thomas, Mountain View
80.50129.5580A  I-40 Bus. east (SW. Main Street) – Southwestern Oklahoma State UniversityEastbound exit and westbound entrance
81.76131.5881Washington Avenue / E. Main StreetEastbound exit and westbound entrance, at E. Eads Avenue
81.99131.9582  I-40 Bus. west (E. Main Street)Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
84.05135.2784Airport Road
88  SH-58 – Hydro, Carnegie
95.00152.8995Bethel Road
101.43163.24101   US-281 / SH-8 – Hinton, Anadarko
Canadian104.48168.14104Methodist Road
108.14174.03108  US-281 SpurGeary, Watonga
115.15185.32115  US-270 west – CalumetWestern terminus of US-270 concurrency
119.11191.69119  I-40 Bus. east – El Reno
El Reno123.40198.59123Country Club Road
125.50201.97125   I-40 Bus. west / US-81 – El Reno, Chickasha
127.48205.16127Radio Road
130.47209.97130Banner Road
Oklahoma City132.48213.21132Cimarron Road – C.E. Page Airport
Oklahoma CityYukon line134.55216.54135Frisco RoadPlanning underway, bid letting projected for 2017[7]
Yukon135.69218.37136Garth Brooks Boulevard
Oklahoma City136.89220.30137Cornwell Drive, Czech Hall RoadEastbound exit and entrance on Czech Hall Road, westbound exit and entrance from Northwest 10th Street
138.07222.20138A  SH-4 (Mustang Road)Westbound exit via exit 139
138.95223.62139  Kilpatrick Turnpike eastEastbound exit via exit 138B
140.21225.65140Morgan Road
Oklahoma142.18228.82142Council Road
143.17230.41143Rockwell Avenue
144.16232.00144MacArthur Boulevard
145.16233.61145Meridian Avenue
146.16235.22146Portland AvenueEastbound exit and westbound entrance
146.60235.93147   I-44 / SH-3 – Lawton, TulsaSigned as exits 147A (westbound I-44) & 147B (eastbound I-44); I-44 exits 120A-B
147.15236.81147CMay Avenue – Fair ParkMerged with exit 148A upon I-40 Crosstown realignment; was westbound exit and eastbound entrance
147.72237.73148AAgnew Avenue, Villa Avenue, May AvenueMay Ave. not signed eastbound
147.95238.10148BOklahoma City Boulevard eastEastbound exit and westbound entrance; former Oklahoma City Crosstown Expressway alignment
148.16238.44148CPennsylvania AvenueFormerly exit 148B (that was eastbound exit and westbound entrance only) on old alignment
148CVirginia AvenueClosed upon I-40 Crosstown realignment; was westbound exit and eastbound entrance
149.20240.11149Western AvenueFormerly also served Reno Avenue and Sheridan Avenue on exit 149A of old alignment
149BClassen BoulevardClosed upon I-40 Crosstown realignment; was westbound exit and eastbound entrance
150AWalker Avenue – Downtown Oklahoma CityClosed upon I-40 Crosstown realignment; was eastbound exit and westbound entrance
150BHarvey AvenueClosed upon I-40 Crosstown realignment; was eastbound exit only
150.15241.64150AShields BoulevardNo eastbound exit
150.00241.40150BRobinson AvenueWestbound exit only; formerly exit 150C on old alignment
150.94242.91151AOklahoma City Boulevard westWestbound exit and eastbound entrance
151ALincoln BoulevardClosed upon I-40 Crosstown realignment; was eastbound exit only
151.35243.57151B   I-35 south / US-62 west (US-77 south) – DallasWestern terminus of I-35/US-62 concurrency
151C  I-235 north (US-77 north) – Edmond, State Capitol, Oklahoma Health CenterSigned as exit 126 westbound, due to I-35 concurrency
152.35245.18127Eastern Avenue, M. L. King AvenueEastbound exit and westbound entrance; exit number follows I-35
152.90246.07153    I-35 north / US-62 east to I-44 – Tulsa, WichitaEastern terminus of I-35/US-62 concurrency
Del City153.68247.32154Reno Avenue, Scott Street
154.63248.85155ASunnylane Road – Del City
155.29249.92155BSE 15th Street – Del City, Midwest City
Midwest City155.84250.80156ASooner Road
156.38251.67156BHudiburg DriveNo eastbound entrance
156.87252.46157ASE 29th Street – Midwest CityEastbound exit only
157.12252.86157BAir Depot Boulevard – Tinker Gate
157.61253.65157CTown Center Drive – Eaker Gate
158.65255.32159AHruskocy Gate
159.14256.11159BDouglas Boulevard – Lancer Gate, Liberator Gate, Marauder Gate
Oklahoma City162.36261.29162Anderson Road
164.02263.96165  I-240 west (SH-3) – Lawton, DallasWestern terminus of SH-3 concurrency; westbound exit and eastbound entrance
165.72266.70166Choctaw Road
168.77271.61169Peebly Road
170.55274.47Eastern Oklahoma County Turnpike northProposed trumpet interchange[8]
171.75276.40172Newalla Road – Harrah
PottawatomieMcLoud175.71282.78176  SH-102 north (Mcloud Road)Western terminus of SH-102 concurrency
177.78286.11178  SH-102 south – Dale, Bethel AcresEastern terminus of SH-102 concurrency
180.85291.05181      US-270 / SH-3W east / SH-3 end / SH-3E begin / US-177 – Shawnee, Tecumseh, StillwaterEastern terminus of US-270/SH-3 concurrency, western terminus of SH-3E concurrency; SH-3 splits into SH-3E and SH-3W
Shawnee184.85297.49185Kickapoo Street – Shawnee
185.84299.08186   SH-3E east / SH-18 – Shawnee, MeekerEastern terminus of SH-3E concurrency
191.84308.74192  SH-9A south – Earlsboro
Seminole199.49321.05200   US-377 / SH-99 – Prague, Seminole
211.55340.46212  SH-56 – Cromwell, Wewoka
Okfuskee216.49348.41217  SH-48 – Holdenville, Bristow
221.02355.70221   US-62 west / SH-27 – Okemah, WetumkaWestern terminus of US-62 concurrency
227.04365.39227Clearview Road
231.06371.86231  US-75 south – Wetumka, WeleetkaWestern terminus of US-75 concurrency
OkmulgeeHenryetta237.10381.58237  I-40 Bus. east – Henryetta
239.67385.71240A  Indian Nation Turnpike south – McAlester, DallasIndian Nation Turnpike exits 104A-B
240B    US-62 east / US-75 north / I-40 Bus. west – Henryetta, OkmulgeeEastern terminus of US-62/US-75 concurrency
McIntosh247.15397.75247Tiger Mountain Road
254.44409.48255Pierce Road
258.42415.89259  SH-150 (Lake Eufaula Road)
261.46420.78262  To US-266 / Lotawatah Road
264.20425.19264  US-69 – Eufaula, McAlester, DallasSigned as exits 264A (south) and 264B (north)
  US-69 Bus. – Checotah
269.42433.59270Texanna Road – Porum Landing
Muskogee277.83447.12278   US-266 / SH-2 – Muskogee, Warner, Porum
283.69456.55284Ross Road
285.70459.79286  Muskogee Turnpike west – Muskogee, Tulsa
286.78461.53287  SH-100 north – Webbers Falls, Gore
Sequoyah290.84468.06291  SH-10 north (Carlisle Road) – Gore
296.94477.88297  SH-82 – Vian, Tahlequah
302.59486.97303Dwight Mission Road
Sallisaw307.14494.29308   I-40 Bus. east / US-59 – Sallisaw, Poteau
309.85498.66311   I-40 Bus. west / US-64 – Sallisaw, Stilwell
320.17515.26321  SH-64B north – Muldrow
324.40522.07325  US-64 – Roland, Fort Smith
330.10531.24330  SH-64D south – Dora, Fort SmithEastbound exit and westbound entrance
Oklahoma–Arkansas line330.20531.41  I-40 continues east into Arkansas
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Auxiliary routeEdit

I-40 has one auxiliary route in Oklahoma:

  •   I-240: A bypass of the south side of Oklahoma City

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