Inter Press was Danish comic book publisher which used to publish original comics and republish American and European comics in Denmark. It was an innovative and creative comic publishers with a dominant position in the Danish market especially during the period when interest in comics culminated - i.e. from the early 1970s until the video, computer games and computer animation competition changed radically from the mid-eighties onwards.


The publishing house was founded by the young Danish history student Arne Stenby together with the Swedish magazine king Armas Morby in 1954 (the first year under the name Stenby Press). Publishing and printing moved in 1961 into new buildings on Krogshoejvej in Bagsvaerd. In 1973 Morby bought out and Arne Stenby sold 50 percent of the Inter Press the Swedish Bonnier - group The remainder of Stenbys shares bought Bonnier in 1986. The release of all album series were in 1991 collected at that time also Bonnier- owned Carlsen Comics, after which Inter Press continued as a pure magazine publishing until all comic releases from July 2, 1997 was taken over by Danish Egmont Serieforlaget.

Editors and TranslatorsEdit

Over the years, the publisher action taken by a number of prominent editor-personalities, for example. Tonny Lützer (1964–73), Uno Krüger (1968–76), Per Sanderhage (1971–74), Marianne Kidde (1973–82), Henning Kure (1974–87), Carsten Søndergaard (1975-93) and Michael G. Nielsen (1986–97). Also some translators became well known in the international comic book market: Ove Høyer and Niels Søndergaard.


Michael G. Nielsen and Per Sanderhage, eds. (2004): INTER PRESS - the story of a publishing house . Copenhagen: Fantask. 112 pages.[1]

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