International University of Struga

International University of Struga (Macedonian: Меѓународен Универзитет Струга, Albanian:Universiteti Ndërkombetar i Strugës) is a university in North Macedonia. The university has two campuses based in Struga and Gostivar with roughly 2,500 students. The International University of Struga has four faculties: Faculty of Economy and Business, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Political Science and Information Technology.

International University Of Struga
Меѓународен Универзитет Струга
Universiteti Nderkombetar i Struges
MottoInvest in your future
RectorBashkim RAMA, PhD
Academic staff

Faculties and study programs Edit

Faculty Study Programs
Faculty of Economy
Bachelor Master PhD
Economics and Business Economics and Business PhD in Economic Sciences
Marketing and financial-management Marketing and financial-management.
Faculty of Law
Bachelor Master PhD
Jurisdiction Jurisdiction PhD in Law Sciences
Criminology and detective Criminology and detective
Faculty of Information Technology
Bachelor Master PhD
Computer Sciences Business Informatics PhD in Computer Sciences
Faculty of Political Sciences
Bachelor Master PhD
Diplomacy Diplomacy PhD in Political Sciences

Academic staff Edit

International University of Struga academic staff.[1]

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