International Supermodified Association

The International Supermodified Association (ISMA) is a sanctioning body of short track auto racing in the United States and is the largest sanctioning body of supermodified type open wheel racing.

International Supermodified Association
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SportAuto racing
JurisdictionUnited States, Canada
HeadquartersOswego, New York
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United States


2006 ISMA SuperModified

Founded in 1974 by multi-time Oswego Speedway champions Jim Shampine and Nolan Swift to ensure the future of supermodified racing. With the help of local businessman, Tom Heveron, they formed ISMA as a forum for owners and drivers to express their ideas and opinions as they felt that they were not allowed to do so under the management of Oswego Speedway.

The goals were to upgrade supermodified racing with better safety conditions, more events per season to insure sufficient purses and to aid drivers with their race related problems. The association worked with track managements in making decisions and in discussing ways of improvement. The club encouraged new drivers and owners interested other tracks in supermodified racing and helped to make the division stronger and more well known to a wider audience.

Tom Heveron as President, with the help of Vice President, Jim Shampine and Secretary/Treasurer Fred Graves, led ISMA through its developmental stages. ISMA negotiated with Lancaster for a 40 lap race held on July 3, 1974, which Todd Gibson of Richwood, OH won. The following year ISMA booked races at Fulton Speedway with a $5,000 purse and $1,000 to win.

Starting in 1976, ISMA developed a point fund with tracks contributing $500– $1,000 per race to this fund. Unlike most other point systems, ISMA awards points to the car owners as ISMA is an owners club rather than drivers. Joining the Heveron, Shampine and Graves team, Shirley Letcher took over the responsibility for the point system. In just three seasons, ISMA had accomplished sanctioning over $96,000 in purse money and races, adding a point fund of $4,400 paid by promoters, having tow money at all of the ISMA sanctioned races, having insurance certificates from each promoter on file, and working with other promoters for more races in 1977. Steve Gioia, Jr. became ISMA's first points Champion. [1]


ISMA continues to be at the forefront of supermodified sanctioning bodies, pioneering the franchise system, in which teams purchase a franchise at the beginning of the season. Creating a win-win situation for both the teams and promoters, each of the 19 franchise teams are allowed to miss up to 3 shows during the race season while being guaranteed a minimum starting purse of $1,000 at each event. This system helps to ensure solid, stable car counts and a successful event for the promoter.

ISMA generally sanctions between 13–17 shows a year including two of the prestigious supermodified Triple Crown Series at 1/4-5/8 mile paved short tracks located in 6 states and Canada.


2013 ISMA cars at l'Autodrome Chaudière in Canada
Season Driver
1976 Steve Gioia Jr.
1977 Jim Shampine
1978 Steve Gioia Jr.
1979 Doug Heveron
1980 Doug Heveron
1981 Doug Heveron
1982 Doug Heveron
1983 Den Wheeler
1984 Bentley Warren
1985 Steve Gioia Jr.
1986 Steve Gioia Jr.
1987 Joe Gosek
1988 Bentley Warren
1989 Bentley Warren
1990 Bentley Warren
1991 Russ Wood
1992 Pat Abold
1993 Pat Abold
1994 Russ Wood
1995 Mike Ordway Sr.
1996 Russ Wood
1997 Russ Wood
1998 Mike Ordway Sr.
1999 Russ Wood
2000 Joe Gosek
2001 Dave McKnight Jr.
2002 Russ Wood
2003 Chris Perley
2004 Chris Perley
2005 Pat Abold
2006 Chris Perley
2007 Chris Perley
2008 Chris Perley
2009 Chris Perley
2010 Russ Wood
2011 Russ Wood
2012 Mike Lichty
2013 Lou Cicconi Jr.
2014 Ben Seitz
2015 Dave Shullick Jr. [2]
2016 Dave Shullick Jr. [3]
2017 Jonathan McKennedy

Competitors notable outside of ISMA:


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