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International Sufi Festival India is an annual program to promote the teaching of Sufism and disseminate its knowledge.[1][2][3]

International Sufi Festival India
General Information
LocationAjmer and Noida Film City
Related eventsSufism, Mysticism, Conference, Sufi music, Exhibition
OrganizerGulsha Begum
Associate OrganizationsDivine abode, Kamaluddin Charitable Trust and Marwah Studios


Since its 4th session in 2014, it is taking place at Ajmer and Noida Film City in Delhi after accomplishment of three-major International Sufi Festival in Ajmer.[3][4][5]


The festival basically aimed to focus on spirituality by spreading the thought and message of Peace and Humanity of the Sufi saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chishty.[2][4][6]


It is featured by conference, Sufi Musical segment (Mehfils) and Sufi films along with the exhibition of Persian calligraphy, art, Arabic Islamic antique prints, Rumi paintings, abstract sacred art, Sufi text, literature and Poetry.[2][5][6][7]


Gulsha Begum the festival director & Chairperson of Kamaluddin Charitable Trust is the inducer. She organize the festival in association with Divine abode, Kamaluddin Charitable Trust and Marwah Studios.[1][4][6][7]

International contributorsEdit

Participants and performers from India, Egypt, Germany, Pakistan, U.K., Russia and some other countries take part in the festival.[2][5]


The 5th International Sufi Festival India will take place on 17 December 2015.[3]

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