International Solid-State Circuits Conference

International Solid-State Circuits Conference is a global forum for presentation of advances in solid-state circuits and Systems-on-a-Chip. The Conference offers a unique opportunity for engineers working at the cutting edge of IC design to maintain technical currency, and to network with leading experts. It is held every year in February at the San Francisco Marriott hotel in downtown San Francisco. ISSCC is sponsored by IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society.

According to The Register, "The ISSCC event is the second event of each new year, following the Consumer Electronics Show, where new PC processors and sundry other computing gadgets are brought to market."[1]

History of ISSCCEdit

Early participants in the inaugural conference in 1954 belonged to the Institute of Radio Engineers (IRE) Circuit Theory Group and the IRE subcommittee of Transistor Circuits. The conference was held in Philadelphia and local chapters of IRE and American Institute of Electrical Engineers (AIEE) were in attendance. Later on AIEE and IRE would merge to become the present-day IEEE.

The first conference consisted of papers from six organizations: Bell Telephone Laboratories, General Electric, RCA, Philco, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Pennsylvania. The registration was $4 (early registration was $3) and 601 people registered. International attendees arrived from Canada, England and Japan. With subsequent conferences came many more international participants with the first international presentation in 1958. By 1965, the number of overseas program committee members increased to 8 and in 1970 the overseas members began meeting separately in both Europe and Japan. Selected members of these regional program committees would attend the final program meeting in America.

The name of the 1954 Conference appears in various publications and documents as: "The Transistor Conference", "The Conference on Transistor Circuits", "The Philadelphia Conference", or "The National Conference on Transistor Circuits". The current name "International Solid-State Circuits Conference" was settled by the organizers in 1960.

While ISSCC was founded in Philadelphia, in the mid-1960s the center of semiconductor development in the United States was shifting west. In 1978, the conference was held on alternate coasts with New York soon substituting for Philadelphia. In 1990, San Francisco became the Conference’s permanent home.

In 2013 ISSCC is celebrating its 60th anniversary and will have several special programs to celebrate 60 years of circuit and SoC innovation.

Evening/Education ProgramEdit

During its evolution, ISSCC has strengthened its educational by adding the Short course in 1993 and Tutorials in 1995. The Short Course is directed towards engineers facing significant new knowledge demands. The purpose of tutorials is to provide engineers new to the topic to quickly ramp up and gain "instantbackground". Forums give a deep-dive look into topics/applications of interest to the general audience. By 2011, ISSCC had evolved to a five-day format with up to five simultaneous events.

Technical Program CommitteeEdit

The Technical Program Committee (TPC) in early years was extremely fluid in order to deal with the constantly changing topics in the industry. By 1968 the list of subcommittees had settled to Digital, Analog (Linear), Microwave and Other, where the subcommittee members in Other would address the one-of-a-kind papers. In the 80’s, the Microwave Subcommittee was dropped from the program as the overlap between the topics and attendees was diminishing. In addition, Digital split into Digital, Memory and Signal Processing subcommittees. In 1992, Emerging Technologies was launched and chartered to seek out the one-of-a-kind applications which may find a home in ISSCC. Today there are 10 subcommittees: Analog, Data Converters, Energy Efficient Digital (EED), High-Performance Digital (HPD), Imagers, MEMs, Medical and Displays (IMMD), Memory, RF, Technology Directions (formerly Emerging Technologies), Wireless and Wireline.

TPC chairsEdit

Year Technical Program Chair Affiliation Year Technical Program Chair Affiliation Year Technical Program Chair Affiliation
1954 J. Linvill Bell Labs 1955 H. Tompkins Burroughs Corp 1956 H. Woll RCA Labs
1957 G. Royer IBM 1958 R. Baker MIT Lincoln Labs 1959 A. Stern General Electric
1960 T. Finch Bell Labs 1961 J. Suran General Electric 1962 R. Adler MIT
1963 S. Ghandhi Philco Scientific Lab 1964 P. Myers Marietta Corp 1965 G. Herzog RCA Labs
1966 G. Herzog RCA Labs 1967 R. Baker MIT 1968 R. Petritz Texas Instruments
1969 R. Engelbrecht Bell Labs 1970 T. Bray General Electric 1971 R. Webster Texas Instruments
1972 S. Triebwasser IBM Research 1973 V. Johannes Bell Labs 1974 H. Sobol Collins Radio
1975 W. Pricer IBM 1976 J. Wuorinen Bell Labs 1977 D. Hodges Univ. of California
1978 J. Heightley Sandia Labs 1979 W. Kosonocky RCA Labs 1980 J. Plummer Stanford Univ.
1981 B. Wooley Bell Labs 1982 P. Gray Univ. of California 1983 L. Terman IBM Research
1984 P. Verhofstadt Fairchild uProc. Div. 1985 H. Boll Bell Labs 1986 A. Grebene Micro Linear Corp
1987 R. Baertsch General Electric 1988 W. Herndon Fairchild Research Ctr. 1989 H. Mussman AT&T Bell Labs
1990 C. Gwyn Sandia Labs 1991 J. Trnka IBM 1992 A. Shah Texas Instruments
1993 R. Jaeger Auburn Univ. 1994 D. Monticelli National Semiconductor 1995 T. Tredwell Eastman Kodak
1996 F. Hewlett Sandia Labs 1997 R. Hester Texas Instruments 1998 J. Cressler Auburn Univ.
1999 S. Taylor Triquent Semiconductor 2000 R. Crisp Rambus, Inc. 2001 G. Gulak Univ. of Toronto
2002 W. Sansen KU Leuven 2003 A. Chandrakasan MIT 2004 A. Kanuma Toshiba
2005 I. Young Intel 2006 J. Sevenhans Consultant 2007 J. Van der Spiegel Univ of Pennsylvania
2008 Y. Hagihara Sony 2009 W. Bowhill Intel 2010 A. Theuwissen Harvest Imaging/ Delft Univ
2011 W. Gass Texas Instruments 2012 H. Hidaka Renesas Electronics 2013 B. Nauta Univ of Twente

European Committee ChairsEdit

Year European Chair Affiliation Year European Chair Affiliation Year European Chair Affiliation
1971-1974 J. C. van Vessem Philips 1975-1976 O. Folberth IBM 1977-1979 N. C de Troye Philips Research
1980-1983 H. H. Berger IBM 1984-1985 J. Borel Thomson EFCIS 1986-1988 J. Lohstroh Philips Research
1989-1994 K. Hoffman Univ. der Bundeswehr 1995-2002 R. van de Plassche Philips Research 2003-2004 J. Sevenhans Alcatel
2005-2006 A. Theuwissen DALSA BV 2007-2008 R. Koch Infineon Technologies 2009-2010 Q. Huang ETH Zurich
2011 B. Nauta Univ. Twente 2012-2013 A. Pärssinen Renesas Mobile

Far East Committee ChairsEdit

Year Far East Chair Affiliation Year Far East Chair Affiliation Year Far East Chair Affiliation
1971-1972 T Sugano Univ. of Tokyo 1973-1974 S Hamada NTT 1975-1976 Y. Tarui Electrotechnical Lab
1977-1978 M. Uenohara Nippon Elect Co 1979-80 M. Watanabe NTT 1981-1982 K. Kurokawa Fujitsu
1983-1984 M. Nagata Hitachi CRL 1985-1986 Y. Takeishi Toshiba 1987-1988 H. Sasaki NEC
1989-1990 T. Sudo NTT 1991-1992 T. Nakano Mitsubishi 1993-1994 H. Ishikawa Fujitsu
1995-1996 G. Kano Matsushita 1997-1998 M. Kubo Hitachi 1999-2000 Y. Unno Toshiba
2001-2002 H. Watanabe NEC 2003-2004 Y. Hagiwara Sony 2005-2006 K. Iizuka Sharp
2007-2008 J. Chung Pohang Univ of Science & Tech 2009-2010 T. Kawahara Hitachi 2011-2012 H-J Yoo Kaist
2013 M. Ikeda Univ of Tokyo

Executive CommitteeEdit

ISSCC is a strictly non-profit organization whose vision and finances is run by the Executive Committee. From formative years through 1980 the Conference chair was usually filled by the previous year’s Program Chair. To provide needed continuity, the term of Conference Chair was extended to at least 5 years

Conference ChairsEdit

Year Conference Chair Affiliation Year Conference Chair Affiliation Year Conference Chair Affiliation
1954 I. Wolf RCA 1955 D. Fink Philco 1956 G. Haller General Electric
1957 A. Samuel IBM 1958 J. Mulligan, Jr New York University 1959 J. Morton Bell Labs
1960 A. Stern General Electric 1961 T. Finch Bell Labs 1962 J. Suran General Electric
1963 F. Blecher Bell Labs 1964 E. Johnson RCA 1965 J. Angell Stanford Univ.
1966, 1969 J. Meindl US Army Electronics Cmd., Stanford Univ. 1967-1968 J. Mayo Bell Labs 1970 R. Engelbrecht Bell Labs
1971, 1980-1987 J. Raper General Electric 1972 R. Webster Texas Instruments 1973 S. Triebwasser IBM Research
1974 V. Johannes Bell Labs 1975 H. Sobol Collins Radio 1976, 1988-1996 W. Pricer IBM
1977 J. Wuorinen Bell Labs 1978 D. Hodges Univ. of California 1979 J. Heightley Sandia Labs
1997-2001 J. Trnka IBM 2002-2007 T. Tredwell Eastman Kodak, Carestream Health 2010-2018 A. Chandrakasan MIT

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  • W. David Pricer, "ISSCC: Sixty Years of Innovative Evolution", 2013 Commemorative Supplement to the Digest of Technical Papers, ISSCC 2013 (to be published)

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