International Society for the History of Medicine

The International Society for the History of Medicine is a non profit international society devoted to the academic study of the history of medicine, including the organization of international congresses. The Society was founded in 1920 in Belgium.

International Society for the History of Medicine presence

The society is present in 50 countries,[1] holds delegations in 38 countries, and has about 800 members. It also includes national societies in Argentina, Belgium, Chile, Finland, France, Greece, Mexico, Morocco, Romania, Turkey, and the United Kingdom. Membership is open to both physicians and historians.

International congressesEdit

The society holds a biennial International Congress, and, beginning in 2001, an international meeting in the years the main conference is not held.See list Communications to the international congresses are peer reviewed.[1][2]


The ISHM publishes twice a year Vesalius, subtitled Acta Internationalia Historiae Medicinae, an academic journal publishing some abstracts from its International Congresses and International Meetings for the History of Medicine, and some other scientific communications.



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