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International Society for Software Testing

The International Society for Software Testing (ISST) is a non-profit organization founded in 2013 by Ilari Henrik Aegerter, Henrik Andersson, Johan Jonasson and Iain McCowatt.[1][2]


Its stated mission is to "promote an approach to software testing that emphasizes value and the role that skilled testers play in its delivery" through advocacy for the adoption of the principles of context driven testing, encouraging the development of skilled testing and an international community of skilled testers, and opposing practices that are wasteful or that seek to dehumanize testing.

It differentiates itself from similar organizations through its focus on advocacy.[3] For example, it was involved in organizing opposition[4][5] to the ISO/IEC 29119 software testing standards.

On 5 October 2017, the group announced that they were disbanding since their objectives were either met or being addressed by others.[6]


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