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International Rugby Hall of Fame

The International Rugby Hall of Fame (IRHOF) was a hall of fame for rugby union. It was created in 1997 in New Zealand and is run as a charitable trust with an address at Chiswick in London. Most of the trustees are also inductees. IRHOF accepted new inductees every two years until 2007. Most inductees are former players, but others who have contributed to the game are eligible. In 2014 it was integrated into the then–IRB Hall of Fame, which then was renamed the World Rugby Hall of Fame.

1997 InducteesEdit

1999 InducteesEdit

2001 InducteesEdit

2003 InducteesEdit

2005 InducteesEdit

2007 InducteesEdit

Inductees per nationEdit

Nation Number of Inductees
  New Zealand 18
  Wales 10
  South Africa 9
  Ireland 8
  Australia 7
  France 6
  Scotland 5
  England 4
  Argentina 1

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