International Powerlifting Federation

The International Powerlifting Federation is an international governing body for the sport of powerlifting as recognized by the General Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF) as well as the International Olympic Committee via inclusion into the World Games.

International Powerlifting Federation
TypeSports federation
Region servedWorldwide
PresidentGaston Parage

The IPF was founded in 1971, and comprises member federations from more than one hundred countries with new ones being added yearly. The current IPF president is Gaston Parage, from Luxembourg. The IPF is the largest powerlifting federation in the world.

IPF is a drug-tested powerlifting federation that restricts supportive equipment in both equipped and raw competitions to an approved list which is updated from time to time.[1] Typically in equipped competition the usage is limited to single-ply polyester shirts and suits with wrist and knee wraps while soft suits and neoprene knee sleeves are permitted in the classic powerlifting division (referred to as unequipped or raw competition).

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