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The International Panel of ICC Umpires was established by the ICC in 1994 following trial in 1992/3, to ensure that one neutral umpire would stand in every Test match.[1] It is made up of officials nominated from each of the twelve Test playing cricket boards. From 2002, its role in Tests was largely supplanted by the Elite Panel of ICC Umpires.

Umpires from the International Panel are employed to officiate home One Day international matches, but may also be called upon to aid the Elite Panel in Test matches and overseas ODIs during busy cricketing calendar years.[2][3]


Current panelEdit

Original panelEdit

The original members of the International Panel in 1994 were:[1]

Country Members
  Australia Darrel Hair, Steve Randell
  England Dickie Bird, Ken Palmer, Nigel Plews, David Shepherd
  India VK Ramaswamy, Srinivasaraghavan Venkataraghavan
  New Zealand Brian Aldridge, Steve Dunne
  Pakistan Khizer Hayat, Mahboob Shah
  South Africa Barry Lambson, Karl Liebenberg
  Sri Lanka B. C. Cooray, K. T. Francis
  West Indies Lloyd Barker, Steve Bucknor
  Zimbabwe Kantilal Kanjee, Ian Robinson

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