International Hologram Manufacturers Association

The International Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA) is a not for profit organisation based in Sunbury-on-Thames designed to represent and promote the interests of hologram manufacturers and the hologram industry, worldwide. Founded in 1993, the association currently represents 89 members worldwide, and hosts an awards ceremony each year at the HoloPackHoloPrint conference designed to reward those whose outstanding contributions to holography advance the industry. The association has secretariat offices in both Europe and America.

Aims & BenefitsEdit

The Association's aims are:

  • To promote the worldwide interests of the holography industry
  • To promote, through a Code of Conduct ethical business practice and high standards amongst its membership
  • To shape the direction and development of the industry
  • To encourage communication within the holography industry
  • To reward outstanding holographic developments

In addition to contributing to the aims of the association, IHMA membership allows members certain benefits. These include:

  • Intergraf's security certification for secure hologram producers
  • Inclusion in the Hologram Image Register - an IHMA initiative that protects holographic images
  • Subscription to Holography News
  • Publicity and holography patent alerts


The IHMA have published a number of publications offering guidance to converters, users and manufacturers of holograms and other holgraphic materials. These are

  • The Glossary of Holographic Terms
  • Specifying and Purchasing Authenticating DOVIDS
  • Hologram Patent Guidelines
  • Hologram Copyright Guidelines

Excellence in Holography AwardsEdit

Each year, at the Holopack-Holoprint annual conference, the IHMA presents 'Excellence in Holography Awards' to parties deemed to have made outstanding contributions to the holographic industry. The awards, divided into six categories aim to reward the developments which show the greatest innovation or commercial potential.

The six categories available to vote on are:

  • Innovation in Holographic Technique
  • Best Origination
  • Best HOE Product
  • Best Applied Security Product
  • Best Applied Decorative Product
  • The Brian Monaghan Award for Business Innovation

From these and the other categories one winner is chosen for the Best of the Year Award. A further award, the Brian Monaghan Award for Business Innovation, is made at the discretion of the IHMA to an individual judged to have made an outstanding contribution to the development of the hologram industry. Past winners of this award include Sal D’Amato of ABNH, Werner Reinhart of Kurz, Gunther Dausmann of Hologram Industries Research, hologram inventor Steve McGrew, Hugues Souparis of Hologram Industries, U.K. Gupta of Holostik, Dino Radice of Centro Grafico, Professor Alexander Goncharsky of Computer Holography Centre, Ian Lancaster of Reconnaissance International, Philip Hudson, Dimes Pastorelli of Diavy Srl and Brian Monaghan himself posthumously.

Current membersEdit

The IHMA currently have nearly 102 members worldwide. They are:




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