International Collective of Female Cinematographers

The International Collective of Female Cinematographers (The ICFC) is a collective of professional cinematographers from around the world that works to advance the careers of female cinematographers by connecting with filmmakers and production teams to find a qualified crew.[1][2] In the top-grossing 100 films only 2% of them were shot by women cinematographers.[3] The collective was founded in 2016 by a group of female cinematographers who wanted to act as allies within the film industry and provide each other with community support and advocacy.[4] Notable members include Nancy Schreiber, Rachel Morrison, Amy Vincent, and Ellen Kuras.[5]

ICFC members identify as simply "Cinematographers"—without gender qualifiers. However, as a group, they have found it helpful to organize around gender until such time as women cease to be perceived as statistical anomalies or token hires behind the lens.[4]

The collective holds regular events for members to explore various cinematography related topics and new technology. Globally, they link film productions to a variety of Cinematographers with specialties ranging from narrative film, documentary, commercials, music videos, and virtual reality.[2]


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