International Airport Irkutsk

Irkutsk International Airport (Russian: Международный Аэропорт Иркутск) (IATA: IKT, ICAO: UIII) is an airport on the outskirts of Irkutsk, Russia, at a distance of 60 kilometers (37 miles) from Lake Baikal.

Irkutsk International Airport

Аэропорт Иркутск
Irkutsk Airport.png
Irkutsk (IKT - UIII) AN2335801.jpg
Airport typeMilitary / Public
OwnerRussian Federation
OperatorJSC "International Airport Irkutsk"
LocationIrkutsk, Russia
Hub for
Focus city for
Time zone+8 (UTC+08:00)
Elevation AMSL1,675 ft / 511 m
Coordinates52°16′05″N 104°23′20″E / 52.26806°N 104.38889°E / 52.26806; 104.38889Coordinates: 52°16′05″N 104°23′20″E / 52.26806°N 104.38889°E / 52.26806; 104.38889
IKT is located in Irkutsk Oblast
Location of airport in Irkutsk Oblast
IKT is located in Russia
IKT (Russia)
IKT is located in Earth
IKT (Earth)
Direction Length Surface
ft m
12/30 11,702 3,564 polymer asphalt concrete
Statistics (2018)
PassengersIncrease 2,213,000
Servicing of cargo (in tons)Increase 31,933


The airport has daily domestic flights to Moscow, Vladivostok, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Yakutsk, Saint Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Sochi, and regional daily flights to Ust-Kut, Bratsk, Bodaybo, Kirensk and other Russian cities.

Due to its proximity to the Angara Reservoir, the airport is subject to a microclimate of foggy weather. When the airport is closed due to bad weather conditions, Bratsk Airport, Ulan-Ude Airport, Irkutsk Northwest Airport, and Belaya (air base) serve as diversion airports.


  • 24 June 1925 is considered the official opening date of Irkutsk airport. 6 aircraft — participants of great flight on the route MoscowIrkutskUlan-BatorBeijing arrived at Irkutsk Airport that day. Of these 6 planes, 4 were domestic and 2 were foreign. This flight was headed by captain I. P. Shmidt. The event was the beginning of aviation service in Siberia.
  • On August 10–13, 1928 the first postal/passengers flight on the seaplane route IrkutskBodaybo with a Junkers F 13 that was named «Mossovet» took place.
  • August 1932 the greatest major air route MoscowVladivostok was opened. Irkutsk aviators started to perform flights on the route IrkutskMogocha.
  • January 1948 - daily flights on the air routes IrkutskMoscow, IrkutskBodayboYakutsk were started.
  • On December 30, 1954 Irkutsk Airport was elevated to international status by means of Government of the Soviet Union № 2412–1153.
  • On September 15, 1956 the jet aircraft Tupolev Tu-104 first arrived at Irkutsk aerodrome by tech-flight from Beijing. The Tupolev Tu-104-operated MoscowIrkutsk route initiated on that day marked the first Soviet jet-airliner-operated passenger route. The flight was performed by Moscow crew headed by captain Mr. E. P. Barabash.
  • On March 7, 1975. The first aircraft of the second generation of civil jets Tupolev Tu-154 landed in Irkutsk.
  • April 4, 1975. The first flight to Moscow on Tupolev Tu-154 was performed.
  • November 11, 1980 The first Il-76 CCCP-76525 arrived in Irkutsk. The crew consisted of: flight instructor МГА Mr. M. V. Ptitsyn, the commander УТО Mr. V. F. Podshivalov, captain-probationer A.V. Bobylkov and other flying experts.
  • December 19, 1980 The first flight was performed on the route IrkutskPolyarnyi using Il-76, it was headed by air detachment commander Mr. v. I. Sviridov.
  • April 1, 1992 According to order № 238 d.d. 30 March Irkutsk United Air Group was reorganized. There were: State Enterprise " Irkutsk Airport " (SE «Irkutsk Airport») and Public Corporation «Air company «Baikal»
  • October 28, 1994. The certificate № 045-А-М of Intergovernmental Aviation Committee for accordance with certification requirements was given. The airport was accepted as suitable for international flights.
  • December 16, 1994 The acting terminal of international flights was put in commission.
  • April 12, 2002 Aerodrome operator changed its name to Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Irkutsk Airport".
  • July 14, 2004 The aerodrome got the certificate to accept international flight and landing-minimum 1 category ICAO 60.
  • On October 14, 2008 the work for lengthening the runway (400 m towards Lake Baikal) was completed.
  • April 10, 2009 Re-opening of the domestic terminal after reconstruction. The terminal is called "Crystal Gate".
  • November 13, 2009 - International Airport "Airport Irkutsk" held its first aircraft spotting session, becoming the third large city in Russia (after Moscow and Novosibirsk). The event has become a tradition.[4][5]
  • July 2, 2010 - Airport "Irkutsk" celebrated its 85th anniversary.[6]
  • March 1, 2011 - Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Airport Irkutsk" transformed into an open Joint-stock company International airport "Irkutsk".

Technical characteristicsEdit

Aerodrome chart
Gate in the International Airport Irkutsk.
Apron buses at Irkutsk Airport.

Irkutsk International Airport has a rather unusual layout, with the passenger terminals being off the western end of the airfield's only runway, at an exact 270* heading. The airport's runway is coated with a substance known as "armobetonnym", but is also rather steep, featuring a 30 metre vertical drop between the west and east runway ends. The total capacity of the two passenger terminals is 1450 passengers / hour. For loads up to 30 tons, the cargo terminal has at its disposal diesel forklifts, hoists, a container platform, and electronic/mechanical weigh scales. The airport complex also includes the airport hotel "Air Harbour", a service of aviation service (board food workshop) repair facility and medical services. There is a VIP lounge in the international terminal building.

Passenger capacity:

  • Domestic terminal: 800 passengers/hour
  • International terminal: 650 passengers/hour

Cargo terminal: area = 2.2 hectares with a capacity of 150 tonnes per day.

Fire fighting equipment: cat VIII

Runway characteristicsEdit

The class of the artificial landing strip - B (according to the length of the landing strip) Corresponding to the first category of ICAO.

ETOPS Diversion airportEdit

Irkutsk airport serves as a diversion airport for transcontinental flights and Polar route 2.[7][8]

Airlines and destinationsEdit


S7 Airlines Tupolev Tu-154M in new livery parked at Irkutsk Airport.
Angara Airlines Antonov An-148 landing at Irkutsk Airport.
Aeroflot Krasnoyarsk–Yemelyanovo,[9] Moscow–Sheremetyevo
Aero Mongolia Ulaanbaatar
Alrosa Mirny Air Enterprise Lensk, Mirny, Polyarny
Angara Airlines Bodaybo, Bratsk, Chita, Erbogachen, Khabarovsk,[10] Kirensk, Krasnoyarsk–Yemelyanovo, Mama, Mirny, Novosibirsk, Olyokminsk, Polyarny,[11] Talakan, Ulaanbaatar,[12] Ust-Kut, Vladivostok, Yakutsk
Seasonal: Sochi
Aurora Khabarovsk
Avia Traffic Company Bishkek, Osh
China Southern Airlines Shenyang[13]
Seasonal: Harbin[14]
Hainan Airlines Beijing–Capital
IrAero Barnaul,[15] Blagoveshchensk, Bodaybo, Bratsk, Chita, Harbin, Karshi,[16] Khabarovsk, Krasnoyarsk–Yemelyanovo, Lensk, Magadan, Manzhouli, Moscow–Domodedovo, Nizhnevartovsk, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Saint Petersburg, Shenyang, Tashkent,[17] Ulan-Ude, Ust-Kut, Vladivostok, Yakutsk
Seasonal: Gelendzhik
Juneyao Airlines Seasonal: Shanghai–Pudong
Korean Air Seasonal: Seoul–Incheon
Lucky Air Chengdu[18]
NordStar Kyzyl, Novosibirsk
Pegas Fly Khabarovsk[19]
Pobeda Moscow–Vnukovo
Polar Airlines Lensk
S7 Airlines Bangkok–Suvarnabhumi, Beijing–Daxing,[20] Blagoveshchensk,[21] Bratsk,[22] Guangzhou,[23][24] Hong Kong,[25] Moscow–Domodedovo, Nha Trang,[26] Novosibirsk, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (begins 3 June 2020), Phuket,[27] Saint Petersburg,[22][28] Sanya, Seoul–Incheon, Simferopol, Sochi (begins 28 May 2020),[29] Talakan,[22][30] Tokyo–Narita,[31] Ulan-Ude,[22][32] Vladivostok, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk
SiLA Ulan-Ude[33]
Smartavia Moscow–Domodedovo[34]
Somon Air Dushanbe
Tianjin Airlines Erenhot[35]
Seasonal: Baotou,[36] Chongqing[37]
Ural Airlines Bangkok–Suvarnabhumi,[38] Beijing–Daxing,[39] Changchun, Harbin, Khabarovsk, Moscow–Domodedovo, Ordos,[38] Vladivostok, Yekaterinburg
Urumqi Air Ürümqi[40]
Utair Krasnoyarsk–Yemelyanovo, Surgut, Tomsk
Uzbekistan Airways Tashkent[41]
Yakutia Airlines Chita, Neryungri, Tashkent, Yakutsk
Yamal Airlines Krasnoyarsk–Yemelyanovo


China Postal Airlines Charter Flights only
Volga-Dnepr Airlines Kolkata


Busiest routes at International Airport Irkutsk (by number of passengers) 2015[42]
Rank Country Region City Airport Airlines Number of passengers
1   Russia   Moscow /   Moscow Oblast Moscow Moscow Domodedovo Airport, Sheremetyevo International Airport, Vnukovo International Airport S7 Airlines, Ural Airlines, Aeroflot, Transaero 614,888
2   Russia   Novosibirsk Oblast Novosibirsk Novosibirsk Tolmachevo Airport Angara, IrAero, NordStar, S7 Airlines 139,208
3   Thailand Bangkok Metropolitan Region, Phuket Province Bangkok, Phuket City Suvarnabhumi Airport, Phuket International Airport Azur Air, S7 Airlines, Pegas Fly 125,418
4   China Municipality of Beijing Beijing, Manzhouli, Harbin, Hong Kong Beijing Capital Airport, Manzhouli Xijiao Airport, Harbin, Hong Kong Airport Hainan Airlines, S7 Airlines 106,323
5   Russia   Khabarovsk Krai Khabarovsk Khabarovsk Novy Airport Aurora Airlines, IrAero 76,340
6   Russia   Primorsky Krai Vladivostok Knevichi Airport S7 Airlines, Ural Airlines 50,251

Ground TransportEdit

The airport is actually located within the city. At the airport there are two paid parking area: 180 spaces (near the international terminal) and 80 spaces (near the terminal domestic airlines).

At air terminals equipped with three stops for complex urban public transport. In addition, three times daily shuttle buses number 306 to Angarsk (2010 data).

Periodical literatureEdit

Airport publishes its own regional industry newspaper "Irkutsk sky", dedicated to civil aviation in Irkutsk region. The publication contains interviews with the heads of airlines, airline news column, analytical materials. The newspaper is published bimonthly and distributed free in the airport terminals and the airlines' offices in Irkutsk.[43]

Incidents and accidentsEdit

  • On 25 July 1971, Aeroflot Flight 1912 crashed after it touched down short of the runway. 97 of the 118 people on board perished in the crash.[44] Of the 126 people on board the aircraft, 29 survived.[45]
  • On 9 February 1976, Aeroflot Flight 3739 crashed shortly after takeoff. Of the 115 people on board 24 perished in the accident.[44]
  • On 9 July 2006, S7 Airlines Flight 778 overshot the runway, and crashed through a concrete barricade, hit a group of private garages and burst into flames, killing 125 out 203 people on board. The only runway had to be closed, and incoming planes were diverted to the runway of the nearby Irkut aviation plant, where Sukhoi fighters and the Beriev Be-200 are produced.[46]

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