Inter County Football League

The Inter County Football League was formed in 1905 in Scotland as one of several supplementary football leagues that were created in order to increase the number of fixtures for Scottish Football League clubs.[1]

Inter County League
Region Scotland
Number of teams4–5
Last championsDumbarton Harp (1st title)
Most successful club(s)Ayr FC (1 title)
Dumbarton Harp (1 title)

Member clubs of the original competition included Abercorn (1904–1906), Albion Rovers (1904–1906), Arthurlie (1904–1905), Ayr (1904–1906) and Vale of Leven (1905–1906).

The competition was played out in a knockout format in 1906–07, known that season as the Inter County Shield, but competition was unfinished because the final was never played.

The competition was re-formed in 1916–17 with Albion Rovers, Dumbarton Harp, Queen's Park Strollers XI, Renton and Stevenston United. Dykehead, Royal Albert and Wishaw Thistle all resigned.

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