Inteco (Интеко in Russian, "Inteko") is a Russian construction company, 99% of which is owned by Yelena Baturina, Russia's richest woman and wife of former Moscow city mayor, Yuriy Luzhkov.

Joint-stock company
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Inteco was founded by Baturina along with her brother Viktor Baturin in 1991 as a plastics company.[1] It was awarded the contract to produce seats for Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow's largest stadium, in 1995.[1] This produced allegations of corruption since Baturina's husband, Yuriy Luzhkov, became Moscow city mayor (1992–2010).

Also in 1995, Inteco was awarded a contract to produce plates for Russkoe Bistro, a fastfood chain set up by Luzhkov and owned by Moscow city authorities.[1] Later Inteco moved into the construction trade, despite Baturina stating that this would be a conflict of interest: "as the mayor’s wife, I have to be very careful not to hurt my company’s reputation".[1] Inteco became very successful and at one time produced 20% of all new buildings in the capital.[2] Inteco's leadership has insisted to have been awarded all tenders in a fair manner and according to the relevant laws.[1]


In 2005 Inteco sold its concrete works, which accounted for a third of company revenues,[3] and DSK-3, a producer of prefabricated buildings, for $1.1 billion. Evrotsement bought the concrete business for 3-5 times the going market price.[4] PIK Group bought DSK-3. The reason for the sale was thought to be the impending end to Luzhkov's term in office.[3]

In 2007 Viktor Baturin sued Inteco for $120 million due to alleged wrongful dismissal. He was fired in 2005 and his 1% share of the company bought by Inteco for $21 million. Baturin insists however that his share was in fact 25% until it mysteriously disappeared in 2002 or 2003.[2]

Following Luzhkov's dismissal from his position as mayor of Moscow, he alleged to The Telegraph newspaper that the Russian authorities were planning to break up the Inteco.[5]

Mikail Shishkhanov and Sberbank Investments acquired the company in 2011, with Shishkanov buying 95 percent of the shares and Sberbank the remaining five.[6]

Facing high debts, the company was taken over by the Russian Central Bank in 2017 following an asset transfer by owner Mikail Shishkhanov.[7] Inteco is expected to post a profit for the first time in years in 2020, and would consider an IPO at a later date. As of July 2019, the firm was $474.26 million in debt.[7]

2005 attacksEdit

On October 9, 2005 executive director of Inteko-agro Alexander Annenkov was attacked by three assailants armed with axes. He survived.[8]

On October 13, 2005, Inteco lawyer Dmitry Steinberg was shot at the entrance to his house.[9]


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