Institute of Business Administration, Karachi

The Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi; (انسٹيٹيوٹ آف بزنس ايڈمنسٹريشن) is a public university in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan.

Institute of Business Administration, Karachi
IBA Karachi
MottoLeadership and Ideas for Tomorrow
DirectorDr. S. Akbar Zaidi
Academic staff
130 Full Time Faculty, 200 Visiting Faculty[1]
Students4,034 (Spring 2020). Undergraduate programs: 3,044 (Spring 2020); Graduate programs: 990 (Spring 2020)
Location, ,
ColoursMaroon, white
AffiliationsCFA, SAQS



Acceptance rate to IBA Karachi for Fall 2020 admissions is as follows:

  • Undergraduate acceptance rate: 7%
  • Graduate acceptance rate: 20.88%
  • Postgraduate acceptance rate: 40%

Admission to IBA KARACHI is based on Entry Test, SAT/ACT[2] and Interview. During 2019-20, financial assistance in the amount of PKR 297 million was provided to 886 students and qarz-e-hasna was arranged for no student.

Programs OfferedEdit

At undergraduate level, IBA offers degrees in Business Administration, Accounting and Finance, Computer Science, Economics, Economics and Mathematics, Social Sciences and Liberal Arts.

The graduate programs offered by the IBA include degrees in Business Administration, MBA Executive, Computer Science, Economics, Islamic Banking and Finance, Journalism, Management, Data Sciences, Finance and Mathematics.

The doctoral programs offered at the Institute include degrees in Computer Science, Economics and Mathematics.


  • IBA was accredited by the South Asian Quality Assurance System (SAQS) in 2011.[3]
  • CFA University Partner and the first university in Pakistan to be granted that status by the CFA Institute.[4][5]

Controversies/Harassment CasesEdit

In 2018, Dr Tiago Ferreira Lopes who is a Portuguese national was accused of seeking sexual favors from the male students, following which a case was prepared against him. It was then reported that Dr Lopes was quietly asked by the administration of IBA to leave the country after it was verified that he was continuously abusing his position to demand sexual favors from male students.[6][7]

In October 2020, a female faculty member of IBA reported a non-teaching employee of the campus of harassment which was then investigated by the IBA's Anti-Harassment Committee.[8] The accused employee was barred from entering IBA premises until the completion of the inquiry.[9]

On 25 August 2021, a student named Mohammad Gibrail witnessed an incident where a female employee of the finance department was allegedly harassed by a male employee Tanveer Ahmed in a supervisory position. He shared the whole incident in detail in a Facebook post.[10] On September 17, a large number of IBA students protested with the chants of “We Want Justice!”, “IBA Stands Against Harassment”, “Stop Sheltering Harassment.”[11] On 29 September 2021, the Institute expelled Mohammad Gibrail for exposing alleged harassment on campus with the reason stating that IBA appreciates the student for pointing out issues which are of concern to them and our community but the institute took the decision to expel the complainant for not using the right channel to report the sexual harassment.[12][13][14]

Notable alumniEdit


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