Institut des hautes études en arts plastiques

The Institut des hautes études en arts plastiques (IHEAP) is a post-graduate art school based in Paris for research and experimentation in art.


IHEAP 1985–1995Edit

In 1985, the City of Paris commissioned Pontus Hulten to design a graduate school for research in contemporary art, similar in spirit to the Bauhaus and Black Mountain College in the U.S., to function as an alternative to the École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts.[1] Hulten conceived of the Institut as a center for contemporary research in artistic creation. The Institute operated from 1988 to 1995.[2]

IHEAP 2012Edit

In 2012, the Biennale de Paris open a new Institut des hautes études en arts plastiques (IHEAP), according to its own viewpoints while also reactivating those of earlier institutions.[citation needed] Drawing on the original model, the new IHEAP kept its name, intentions, idea of a simple structure, necessity of transversality and discussion, and its international dimension.

Buren LawsuitEdit

In March 2015, the French artist Daniel Buren, one of the professors in the original IHEAP, filed suit in the High Court of Paris against the newer IHEAP organization founded in 2012.[3] In an open letter published on his web site, Buren claims that the 2012 IHEAP improperly usurped the name and reputation of the original IHEAP.[4]

Session 2012–2014Edit

Work topics:

  • "The Invisual"
  • "The Exhibition: A Compromise"
  • "A History of Art Through the Dematerialisation of the Art Object"
  • "Art Out of Art"
  • "The Splendor and Misery of The Art Object"
  • "How can The Art Object be a Problem?"
  • "What is The Public of Indifference?"
  • "Imagine the Cultural Action of the Decades 2020-2050″
  • "Parallel Economies of Art"
  • "Basic Notions of Disobedience"
  • "Horizontal Institution"
  • "The Norm of Art"
  • "What is The Terminology of Art? New Words for Existing Realities"
  • "Introduction of The Notion of Strategy in Art"
  • "To Be Thought By Art"
  • "To Think Art"

Professors and lecturers since 1985Edit

Notable alumniEdit


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