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Inside Philanthropy

Inside Philanthropy is a news website about large philanthropic foundations and wealthy donors, created by David Callahan in 2013.[1][2] It aims to increase oversight and transparency in large-scale philanthropy.[2]

Inside Philanthropy
Type of site
Online Journalism
Available in English
Editor David Callahan
Registration Optional
Launched 2013; 5 years ago (2013)
Current status Active

The site provides news on major philanthropy and its trends, and presents profiles of big donors in particular categories such as donors from the technology industry, donors from the financial industry, and supporters of major education and healthcare initiatives.[2] It also rates foundation program officers by their performance, rather than by the nonprofits they fund.[2] It issues its own set of awards, such as the Philanthropist of the Year award and the Boldest Philanthropic Vision award.[3]

The site has been noted for naming wealthy people who Inside Philanthropy considers as scoring relatively poorly on "relative generosity", or percentage of wealth that a person has given away, even if they still give out a comparatively large amount of money in absolute terms.[4]


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