Innsbrucker EV

Innsbrucker EV or EV Innsbruck was an ice hockey team based in Innsbruck, Austria. They competed in the Austrian Hockey League until 1993 and won the Austrian Championship seven times.[1] Their home arena was Olympiahalle Innsbruck.

EV Innsbruck
CityInnsbruck, Austria
LeagueAustrian Hockey League
Austrian National League
Founded1925 (1925)
Home arenaOlympiahalle Innsbruck
ChampionshipsAustrian Champion (7)
1953, 1954, 1958, 1959, 1961, 1963, 1989
Austrian National League Champion (1)
Franchise history
1925–1960sInnsbrucker Eislaufverein
1960s–1973EV Innsbruck
1973–1975EC Innsbruck
1975–1984EC Sparkasse (ECS) Innsbruck
1984–1988EV Innsbruck
1988–1989Gösser EV (GEV) Innsbruck
1989–1994EV Innsbruck

The organization was disbanded entirely after the 1993–94 season. HC Innsbruck was founded in 1994 and, through not a continuation of the original franchise, is regarded as EV Innsbruck’s successor.

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