Inner Little Goose Island

The Inner Little Goose Island, part of the Badger Group within the Furneaux Group, is a 4.5-hectare (11-acre) unpopulated small, round granite island, located in Bass Strait between Goose and Little Goose islands, lying west of the Flinders and Cape Barren islands, Tasmania, south of Victoria, in south-eastern Australia.[1] The island is contained within a conservation area[2] and is part of the Chalky, Big Green and Badger Island Groups Important Bird Area.[3]

Inner Little Goose Island
Inner Little Goose Island is located in Tasmania
Inner Little Goose Island
Inner Little Goose Island
Location of the Inner Little Goose Island in Bass Strait
LocationBass Strait
Coordinates40°17′S 147°47′E / 40.283°S 147.783°E / -40.283; 147.783Coordinates: 40°17′S 147°47′E / 40.283°S 147.783°E / -40.283; 147.783
ArchipelagoBadger Group, part of the Furneaux Group
Area4.5 ha (11 acres)


Recorded breeding seabird and wader species are little penguin, short-tailed shearwater, Pacific gull and sooty oystercatcher. The eastern three-lined skink is present.[2]

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