Olof Björnsson, in legend, was a Swedish king who was referenced in several Old Norse Sagas including Hervarar saga, Saga of Harald Fairhair and the Styrbjarnar þáttr Svíakappa. Reconstructions that place him as a historical king date his reign to c. 970 – c. 975.

Olof Björnsson
Legendary king of Sweden
PredecessorBjörn Eriksson
SuccessorEric the Victorious
ConsortIngeborg Thrandsdotter
HouseHouse of Munsö
FatherBjörn Eriksson
ReligionNorse Paganism

Olof was the son of Björn Eriksson who ruled as king of Sweden. After the death of their father, Olof ruled jointly with his brother Eric the Victorious (Swedish: Erik Segersäll). By his queen Ingeborg Thrandsdotter, he was the father of Styrbjörn Starke and Gyrid, queen consort of King Harald Bluetooth. He died of poison during a meal. Eric, instead of proclaiming his nephew Styrbjörn co-ruler, proclaimed his own unborn son to be co-ruler. This son ruled as the historical king Olof Skötkonung.[1][2]

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