Inge Simonsen

Inge Simonsen (born 1 July 1953) is a Norwegian distance runner who tied for first place in the inaugural 1981 London Marathon. In that race, he and the other winner, American Dick Beardsley, intentionally crossed the finish line, in 2:11:48, holding hands in a dead heat.[1] According to Beardsley, "It was a big deal for both of us because neither one of us had won a marathon before."[2]

Simonsen finishing the IAAF Citizen Golden Marathon in Athens, Greece, 7 March 1982 in 2.15.03 for 6th place


  • All results regarding marathon, unless stated otherwise
Year Competition Venue Position Notes
Representing   Norway
1981 London Marathon London, United Kingdom 1st 2:11:48
New York City Marathon New York, United States 14th 2:13:38 [3]


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