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Infamia (English title: Disgrace) is a Mexican telenovela produced by Fernando Chacón for Televisa in 1981. [1]

Written byAlfonso Cremata
Salvador Ugarte
Directed byManolo García
Lorenzo de Rodas
StarringSusana Dosamantes
Julio Alemán
Hilda Aguirre
Norma Lazareno
Nelly Meden
Sergio Bustamante
Country of originMexico
Original language(s)Spanish
Executive producer(s)Fernando Chacón
Production company(s)Televisa
Original networkCanal de las Estrellas
Original release1981 –
Preceded byEspejismo
Followed byLo que el cielo no perdona

Susana Dosamantes and Julio Alemán starred as protagonists, while Hilda Aguirre starred as antagonist.



Lidia Santana is a married woman and rich man older than her, David Montalvo. They have a son, Tony. But Lydia is not happy because David is a cold and sullen, and only married him out of spite, as the great love of his life Victor Andreu abandoned in his youth. One day, while Lidia is buying wedding anniversary gift for her husband, Victor meets. Both are surprised to find after so many years, but everyone goes home. Victor has never stopped loving Lydia think much about it despite being married to a sweet and loving wife, Alma, who has a daughter, Lolita.

Days after David who did not come home the night of his birthday, decided to organize a party to celebrate, even if they have already spent days. Lidia and Victor agree that party, talk and find that they have never ceased to love. However, the two will stand Sandra Morgado, a frivolous and unscrupulous woman friend says Alma but has always been in love with Victor and Lydia used to destroy the marriage of Victor and Lydia happened to pull off the road and stay with Victor.


  • Julio Alemán as Victor Andreu
  • Susana Dosamantes as Lidia Santana
  • Norma Lazareno as Alma
  • Sergio Bustamante as David Montalvo
  • Nelly Meden as Matilde
  • Juan Peláez as Alejandro
  • Enrique Becker as César
  • Claudia Guzmán as Dorita
  • Angelita Castany as Bárbara
  • Carmen Salas as Betty
  • Enrique Rubio Dosamantes as Tony
  • Alfonso Munguia as Rolando Fuentes
  • Karmin Marcelo as Mónica Palacios
  • Bárbara Gil as Emilia
  • Hilda Aguirre as Sandra Morgado
  • Yolanda Ciani as Elvira Jimenez
  • Carlos Cámara as Inspector Carmona
  • Luis Torner as Andrés
  • Rafael Banquells as Dr.Navarro
  • Fernando Roblesas
  • Miguel Córcega
  • Teo Tapia
  • Felix Santaella
  • Antonio Ruiz
  • Veronica Langer
  • Paulina Lazareno as Paulita


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