Indonesian Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Center

The Indonesian Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre or INTRAC (Indonesian: Pusat Pelaporan dan Analisis Transaksi Keuangan) or PPATK is a government agency of Indonesia, responsible on financial intelligence. The agency is formed in 2002 to counter suspected money laundering and provide information on terrorist financing.[1]

Indonesian Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre
Pusat Pelaporan dan Analisis Transaksi Keuangan
Agency overview
Formed2002 (2002)
JurisdictionGovernment of Indonesia
HeadquartersJalan Ir. Haji Juanda No.35, Kb. Klp., Gambir, Central Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia


INTRAC was formed on 17 April 2002, at the time Law No. 15 year 2002 regarding money laundering issued.[2] Prior to INTRAC, its duties was conducted by special investigation unit of Bank Indonesia until 17 October 2003. INTRAC's mandate was expanded in 2013 to provide information regarding terrorist financing by Law No. 9 year 2013.[3]

Task and FunctionEdit

Task and Function of INTRAC are as follows:[1]

  1. Prevention of money laundering
  2. Data and information management
  3. Supervision of the compliance of the reporting parties dan
  4. Analyze or investigation of financial transactions that there are reasonable grounds to suspect are related to the commission of a money laundering offence or other crimes

INTRAC is authorized to:[1]

  1. Obtain data and information from government agencies and/or private institution which authorized to manage data and information
  2. Define guidance to identify suspicious transaction
  3. Coordinate with related party to prevent money laundering
  4. Recommend the government to prevent money laundering
  5. Represent the government in international organization or forum related to financial intelligence
  6. Provide training and education in money laundering prevention


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